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I got some very sad news last night, one of my daughters friends called round to tell me that her sister was dead, she was found in her bed yesterday morning by her mum, she had been saying she didn't feel well since boxing day complained of belly ache and diarrhoea there will have to be an autopsy and probably an inquest as it was a sudden death.

She rang the NHS direct line they never got back to her useless set of people,

I've known her since she was 3 she and my daughter are really good friends with them being so young my daughter was 4 she became like she was one of my children I looked out for her, they both got pregnant at almost the same time, their babys were even born only 5 weeks apart that drew them even closer, she leaves behind a baby girl who is only 19 months old we don't know what will happen to her will she go to live with her dad or will she stay living at here grandmothers poor baby will never know her mummy.

I told her that I would let my daughters know so that was three less people she had to struggle to tell she was so brave going round to all her friends she's only 18 the youngest of four children just a baby still and taking it upon her self to do such a hard task.

My heart goes out to her family and her baby girl.

I hate that term leaves behind.

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  • This is so sad but I went through something similar a few years ago. My friends daughter was complaining of feeling ill so she went tot he local walk in centre. They sent her home with antibiotics. She got worse and went back, and they rushed her in. It was too late, she died hours later aged 22 and her two darling children will only ever know photographs. So sad, so so sad. I feel for you hun and your daughters.

  • Thankyou I'm sorry for you and your friend to .Sithy

  • how heartbreaking for you all,

    the little girl will be able to hear stories about her Mummy from your daughter and other friends , maybe photos too?

    Such a brave young lady coming to tell you, i am sure she will play a very large part in her nieces life

    warm hugs xx

  • this is so sad and my heart goes out to everyone her family, you and your daughter. what was her name? I'll remember you all in a prayer.



  • Her name was kirsty Louise Childs she was a great person a loving mother and a great daughter, I would have been proud to call her my daughter in fact she felt like one of mine, she was always round our house in the bedroom with my daughters playing music making noise,she had a great little girl I will have to dig out my photograph albums and make one up for her daughter Alisia. She willbe sorly missed she touched so many lives.thankyou all for you kind words if you wish to pass them on to her family there is an RIP Kirsty Louise Childs on Facebook, thankyou all again . Sithy

  • It is times like this that make us grateful for what we have, life is so short and unpredictable, my heart goes out to you and your family and my prayers ti Kirsty and her family

  • Hi, this happened to my cousin 20 years ago, he had bad stomach pains, he had the doctor out, he was told to take some paracetamol and go to bed, my aunty found him dead the next morning, his appendix had burst. I'm really shocked and saddened that this is still happening 20 years on !!!!! My heart goes out to you xx

  • I wish thete was something I could say to make things easier I am thinking of this young woman her daughter and her family and friends such as yourself and your family who are in her life xx

  • So sad for a young mother to be struck down so young. Life is so unfair at times. Loving thoughts go to you all and her family xx

  • This is such a sad story. It's not just the life of Kirsty, it's the lives of all of her family and friends that have been affected!! God bless them all XXX

  • How awful. How awful for her Mum to go into her room and find she had passed. As awful as post mortem is I hope some light is shed on the cause of death. My heart goes out to you all. I felt very let down by the hospital after my Mum passed. Sendi g out love and light to you all. Becky. Xx

  • oh my god that is so sad my thoughts and prayers are with you, her family,her friends and her little girl left without her mummy.i hope the post mortem can give yous answers to why this poor girl died st martin pray for her god bless xox

  • So sorry to read this sad story, absolutely tragic. My heart goes out to your daughter's friend's family. Bless them all. xxx

  • Thankyou all for your kind worrds I will let you all know what happened when I know as yet ther is no news, thankyou all again hugs to all . Sithy

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