hypermobility and the coil

hiya my rheamotologist recently dx me with hypermobility ,and i read in the leaflet she gave me that if you have this condition you should steer clear of the mini pill, the injection ,and the coil as birth control as they can make symtons worse ,

so i have tried to get an appointment at docs but they cant fit me in untill nxt week ,so i just wondered if anyone else has any info on this ,and can it make symptons worse ,?

also ive now had this coil in for 6 months ,iam still bleeding ,for weeks at a time ,the minute it stops ,i lift somthing like a shopping bag etc and i start to bleed instantly ,and well i dont even go to the bedroom department with my hubby(if you know what i meen lol ) ,as its instant bleeding

its really getting me down now ,

so any info will be really appreciated thanks :)

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  • I have the merina coil. Is this what you have???

    To be honest from what you have said Id push to go see the ob/gyn at the hospital ( I suffered from painful, extremly heavy periods even when on the pill in the past) you shouldnt have to live constantly bleeding like this.

    Hope you get it sorted


  • thank you when i eventually get to see doc i think i will ask to be refered again ,but im defo going to ask not to see the last one i saw ,as he was sooo horrible ,and he had fur growing on his ears ! i just couldnt concentrate at all lol

  • Haha what are you like lol xxxx

  • omg kel you should have seen him ,he was like the wolf man lol !

  • Hi, I bled very heavily for days, it was so bad I couldn't leave the house I was constantly in the bathroom cleaning up as it poured out. After each period there were also times I would bleed, after lifting or carrying something heavy, after even the gentlest time with hubby. I too have hypermobility and have to say that after having the myrina coil I haven't looked back. No more heavy bleeds only very occasional blood spotting. I haven't noticed any other changes to be honest. My heavy bleeding was caused by polycystic overarian syndrome, I have had one ovary removed. I would push to see a gynecologist I would recommend Mr Atiomo or Mr Martin Powell if you are in the area for the QMC Notts. The myrina coil gave me back some of my life. Hope this helps, x

  • thanks ,i have got a myrina coil and although i dont get the cripling pains and the really heavy bleeding ,i now get costant bleeding ,i just cant win .

  • Lynz that sounded like a lovely doctor you had lol.

    I just remembered my cousin had the merina in as well and she had the same problems of continous heavy bleeding. She ended up getting a D&C done on her womb.


  • thanks ,also ive noticed its like i have costant pmt ,im such a misrable so and so at the mo ,well when i eventually see doc we shall see what happens ,probably all in head ,or i will get well give it another 3 months lol xxx

  • i used to suffer in the same way , i was diagnosis was endometriosis had the coil fitted took a little time to settle down but much better now .

  • Lynz, this may sound silly but do you have a sympathetic female doctor at your surgery????

    Male doctors told me nothing to worry about - female doctor theres a prob ill send you to the ob/gyn


  • well she is quite symppathetic ,she is the gp they send you too when you gynie problems ,so we will see , :)

  • I've had a merina coil for about 6 years now, absolutely love it. Periods stopped immediatly. Perhaps if you google it you may find if coils add to symptoms you have? Don't like sound of your hairy doctor!!! lol tc x

  • when i first had it put in it was great for a few weeks ,then it all went down hill ,

    like i said ,with the costant bleeding ,pmt ,etc etc ,but yes i think i may google it ,thank you xxxx

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