Extremely happy with my gp

I think I mentioned that I had a gp at my normal doctors after my gp left and before I met him I was considering changing gp but then I had a good experience with him.

Well I went today as my pain levels have increased and I went through all of my pain killers extremely quickly, well he has put me on tramadol slow release which I think is brilliant and he has also said that if I send him the details of the guys hospital clinic he will see if he can refer me etc. I just think he actually seems to care though he has sent me for more blood tests, grr lol. Yeh, I like this gp :)

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  • hi thats great half the battle is finding a good GP and I'm happy he is referring u to Guys... I've been seen by them and found it to be very helpful.... All the best ..M :)

  • Are you regularly seen by them or just occasionally or just once?

    Where do you live? As I liev in Birmingham which is why he's worried about whether he can refer me.

  • I was in the same position as you my pain killers were doing me no good until the pain clinic put me on tramadol SR, and from gabapenten to pregabalin, what a difference, not saying i am completly pain free still take paracetamol when needed, still working fulltime tiring but i enjoy it.

  • Did you find the tramadol helpful? Did you find pregabalin helpful? I could have made that 1 sentence, o well...

    I'm feeling down now, I think it's just cause I'm tired, but I just suddenly wanted to cry. Maybe its cause of my hormones lol.

  • So happy for you that you have had a good experiance with your doctor, he sounds like he is going to help :)

    kel xxx

  • I saw my GP on Tuesday. You are lucky to see the one you want, as they seem to be on rota. This particular GP suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritus, so although Fibro is different, many of the symptoms are similiar, i.e. the tiredness, the frustration etc.

    After seeing her , and asking if such aches and feelings are all part of it, I felt our talk really really helped. I put my arm around her, and said she was at least as good as the medicine, I came out of there feeling much better

  • thats great news well done you and hope you are ok love to you diddle x

  • It's so much easier when you have a GP who understands. I like my GP too...

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