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My Expert GP

Hello everybody, after posting my lab results to Thyroiduk i got a reply quite quick stating i probably have Hashimotos, and to tweek vitimin B12, D, and iron plus a few others, so doing a large amount of research i see umpteen symptoms matching that medical condition which i also have.

So lets go to the Docs again to see if i can get some help to sort some of these things out, so i am chatting away and low and behold this guy has worked in a thyroid blood lab while he was training as a GP, WOW have i hit the jackpot here hes gonna understand what i am talking about.

Complete deflation only seconds later after looking through my lab report he told me he has never even heard of RT3 or RT3 RATIO, "WHAT" is this guy joking me, so thats 3 times i have taken my lab reports into 3 Doctors and got nowhere, he said based on my lab report he would not even order an NHS comprehensive thyroid blood test and told me i was fine.

So there is not one Doctor in my surgery who will even entertain sending me for the more comprehensive test so i guess im stuffed, so how am i supposed to get thi treated then anybody got any ideas.

Well while you ponder on that ill go and eat 50 cream cakes see if i can raise my non existant RT3 lol glad i got a real good Doctor, take care all and have a pain free afternoon.

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Sounds fairly typical GP response, most know diddly squat about thyroid issues. You could do your own tests with Medichecks but you will still have the problem of GPs not knowing how to interpret them, many self treat when they have hit a brick wall with the docs, not something I would do but many are forced to.


Hi budgie10_0 I'm sorry you are having problems with getting anywhere with your results & getting further tests done. I must admit I'm totally out of my depth where thyroid is concerned & to be honest find it not very helpful that someone is giving you a probable diagnosis on a forum.

There is a lot of good information on the net but there is also a lot of outdated, not very authentic info too and I think you can sometimes get a bit baffled by it all. I am sure if your gp saw anything that indicated you had thyroid problems, they would be sending you for more tests, especially as you say, not one gp in the surgery will refer you.

I'm not saying GPS always get it right because I know that's not the case but if various GPS have assessed it, I would hopefully think it would not warrant sending you for further tests.

Maybe they are keeping an eye on it all & levels haven't changed but like I say, I'm in no way qualified to give you advise. The only thing you could possibly do that I can suggest, is to get a private consultation or maybe change you surgery if you feel you are not being supported.

Sorry I can see your frustration & sorry if that's not much help.

Luv Jan xx


I reckon that when i had chemo in Jan 2015 it has knocked the stuffing out of my thyroid and it has only recovered partly, since my chemo i have never felt the same as i did before i had it.

Ihave loads of the symptoms of thyroidism like brain fog, confussion, loss of concentration, fedup, depressed, aching muscles and joints, constipation, stomach problems, palpatations etc etc etc i could go on for ages, its quite sad really cos it robs you of your life, yet where is the compassionate Doctor alass there is none your on your own, im not giving in without a fight so all i can do for now is study andlearn.

Ive made a start by going on a anti inflammitory diet and bought some B12 and digestive enzimes, i guess its gonna be slow and boring but i refuse to give in.

Thanks for your replys.


Hi budgie.

I have all of the above and my thyroid is fine to.lol.

I have a great doctor and had all the extra tests I needed

And yes all is well.

What your doing with the B12 and diet is great but add vD into it.

Made a whole difference to me don't get cold or flue for years.

The thing I found was the acid in all the extra fruit upset my acid reflux so be carefully.

All the best.


Hi Newquay, just had a belly full of nightmares this weekend just gone and was thinking the same have i put to much acid in my belly so going to tone it down a little, i was wondering about vitimin D i have some 800iu capsules can you get any thing higher otc, i just recently had some from docs that were 20,000iu and my lab results for my vitimin D were only slightly above bottom marker.


Yes I have had that to just below average my go said he wasn't to concerned but some v D wouldn't harm me.

All I know is I feel much better and no colds is a bonus


Oh bless you, its awful when you don't have a good gp that supports you and really listens my friend, I do feel for you. Like I say, would changing surgeries be an option ?. The thing is, the symptoms you mention could be many things & it's very difficult sometimes to get it right and your gp should be referring you if you've had lots of blood tests & (according to them) are not showing up anything. Have you been diagnosed with Fibro ? Xx



GPs in UK only go by TSH results and if in range will not medicate

GPs can request other tests but labs will refuse to do them if thyroid is in range .

Often thyroid patients function better below range but we are all different.

Best place for info is thyroid uk site but just remember that a lot self medicate and purchase meds on line something I would be reluctant to do .

Chances are if GP says all ok they are also symptoms could be as you say vitamin deficiency's

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If you get an answer Id be so interested to know, as Ive been trying to get a medical professional to take me serious about my thyroid issues for many years. Ive been kept ill by doctors who either don't know or don't care (or both). Ive been told twice in 4 years that I will be referred to endocrinologist but nothing happened and no one seems to have knowledge of these referrals. Even blood tests are rationed but when they come back with raised TSH its still "normal"?


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