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Worried Mother, son with Fibro

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Hi everyone I have just joined the group. My son is 35 (says he feels like 90) was diagnosed with Fibro 18 months ago. Been on many meds. He was recently told by GP that the drugs he is on will cut his life by 10 years. He has now weaned off all of his meds except Tramadol and Zopiclone. He only takes Tramadol as a last resort as they give him headaches for 2 days. The pain is no worse without the meds so I think he has done the right thing. He is a single parent to a lively 4 year old. Every day is a struggle for him but he pushes himself for the sake of his son. It really hurts me as a mother to see him in so much pain. He has no friends no family except me and I am sure his son is the only reason to keep going. Anybody out there can help?

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Welcome broadfields , I think having a chat on the forum will help , it is very sad to hear a younger person has fibro, I’m guessing the love and support from you and watching his son growing up gives him strength. Does your son stay at home ? as running a home and supporting a young child is enough for most people let alone having this condition on top. Have you support in the way of a friend ? as you too need to be able to switch off sometimes as I’m sure it takes it’s toll. healthunlocked.com/fibromya... If you would like to read this link it sometimes help to generate more replies as you will have more privacy and will only be seen by our members . Hope we can chat some more xxxx

Thank you. Yes I have a partner who is very understanding. My son has just returned to work 2 days a week but he is struggling and will not be able to carry on much longer. I think he will have to just go off sick. Not sure how he stands about getting DWP. I hope by using this site it will help me to try and understand. What I have seen so far is very promising and helpful.

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YASMINTINAFMA UK Volunteer in reply to broadfields

fmauk.org/ Hi there I truly hope so and I’m glad you have a good partner. Here is a link xxx

Hi there, I’m so sorry your son is dealing with so much hun, I know it’s hard to see someone you love in pain and it makes you feel helpless, but just supporting and helping him with his son etc is doing more than you know, there is lots of support here, so at least you and your son will get good advice and friendship, sending big hugs to you both 🤗🤗🤗NanaT

Thank you so much. It is hard but am surprised how common it now is.

Hi, yes, at least its beginning to be excepted by many more Gp’s now and this sight is a big help 😊NanaT

Hi broadfields and welcome to the group. I am so sorry to hear your son has fibro, I feel it must be particularly hard to accept when you are a young man and have a toddler to care for as well. I have been on the other side and had to witness someone I love dearly suffer, so I understand your hurt and how helpless you can feel. However you are doing something to help by coming on here as I am sure you will find lots of advice and support that will benefit you both. I don’t know if your son would be open to joining the forum himself as we do have quite a few male members on here already. Having fibro can be quite isolating so he may find it helps sharing experiences with others who can understand what he is going through. I see Yas has already pointed you in the direction of our main site and you can check on here if there are any local support groups in your area. If there are, then maybe your son (and/or yourself) might consider joining as it this could lead to socialising opportunities for him in addition to lending support. I have put the link below to help you along. In the meantime all you can do is be there for him and continue to be the loving supportive mum that you have been and we will do our best to be here for you both. Take care. x


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broadfields in reply to Ramjets

Thank you so much. I will talk to him and try and persuade him to sign up.

I’m truly sorry your son is going through this. I have two children and it’s so hard combining the two. I’m lucky I have a very good partner who does so much for me. This site is brilliant for help and support and I would highly recommend he sign up. I’m more than happy to have a chat to him. Best wishes for you and your son Steve x

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broadfields in reply to Stevejj

Thank very much

You should tell him about group and encourage him to join he could also go back to doctor and ask for different meds or try a more holistic approach turmeric is supposed to help its a shame he feels the way he does bless well wishes and hopefully hear from him on here 🤗

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