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bad day

hi all

well today is a very bad day!

my partner and i seem to be falling apart because of my moods and my deppression, and i know its all me cause i cant fully face upto the fact i cant do the things i could before.

she is so loving and caring and all i can seem to do is push her away and treat her very badly, i have tried counselling well the 5 free session they give u on the nhs that is and they told me is nothing they can really help me with. im on duloxetine and i was on fluxotine but i cant shake the moods. so i dont know what else i can try?!

so feeling very down today which i know is due to the lack of sleep and the intense pain im in, sad sad sad day!

gentle hugs to all

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Oh bless you. Can you go and ask your doctor for a chat about your meds? I've been on fluoextine for years and it works for me but we're not all the same. I guess your partner knows all about fibro and how it makes us feel. It must be hard for them when we push them away and we're moody cos we're not well.

I'm sitting here staring at my screen, I know what I want to say but it's not happening! I'm very tired today too and just want to lay on the settee quietly.

Hope you can get something sorted out and you and your partner will be ok. Rotten damned illness...... xx


thanks sue,

yes she is aware of fibro and how i feel. i have just come off my fluxotine for duloxtine.

aww i hope you can rest hun and clear your fog some.



Hi there im so sorry your feeling so down it really is a horrible place to be,

please dont let this horrible illness destroy your relationship, i know its hard but stand up to it and fight because its a bully and you need to find some hidden strength and let it know whos boss ( i know thats easier said than done) its all about relaxation therapy and time out maybe your partner needs a break as much as we do but we all seem to forget that they should care about us but they are going through this too, because it hard to see someone you love being destroyed by this so they cope by behaving the way they do soft hugs to you hope everything will be ok x


That's what I was trying to say, lol, try not to let it destroy your relationship. Couldn't get it right in my head. xx


good advice u posted xxx


Well I know exactly where your coming from I get to that exact point from time to time pushing the ones you love away it's hard that you can't do the things you used to do it really does get you down and it's so bad because there are things I wish I could do now which I did all those years ago but you just have to learn to cope but it just makes you feel so inadequate I do hope you and your partner get things back on track again you need each other to get through this tough period


Hello sarah,

I am the exact same as you, i am so moody and take everything out on my partner.

I am all smiles outside with other people as i cant be bothered with explaining everything. then when i am in the house i am so moody and frustrated and angry. my kids get it sometimes then i feel so bad.

I am going to gp to see what she can do for me, but i just think i am taking enough meds at the minute.

hope you feel a bit better soon as some people say it takes time to get into your system.

Sometimes i just think my partner should just ignore me and understand abit, but suppose if i am a dragon most of the time then i proberbly wouldnt put up with it neither.

This site is good to rant on here though instead of partners.

kel xxxx


keep ur chin up fibro friends

yes its horrible having to live each day with this illness... the guilt i feel ( and prob u all do to) my husband works long shifts but still comes home and tries to help as much as he can... but... sometimes.. if i think he is angry i feel he is meaning it at me.. then i try to do more and i pay for it later.. then thats when i get grumpy with everyone in the household.. cause no one else helps... sometimes i wish i was in a care home.. and let them see how much this illness affects me day to day...hope u all are ok xxx


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