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a very strange day

today started with my hubby getting up with our two yr old very early ,i seem to remember him getting up but after a bad night i didnt take much notice ,so back unconsious i go ,

well that was stupid cause i know i cant stay in bed that long,i was woken up by the pain a little while later .

after 10 mins of trying to get up ,i manage it yay me :)

most the morning im in agony untill tablets finally kick in

my husband gets some very good news and is totally elated ,five mins later another phone call our car that we have just bought that my hubby worked loads of overtime to buy for me is a complete lemon ,no way it can be saved ,so back down we go ,

its like you no matter how hard you try theres always somthing ready to kick you in the teeth :(

i know it could be worse and i do look at life with glass half full atitude but without a car im stuffed ,so ive got to use my husbands little KA much longer now (not helpful with 5 kids )

then to top it all off i get a burst of energy and decide to do hoovering the bloody thing comes apart and spills its contents every where ,i did actually laugh couldnt believe dust and rubbish every where ,was either that or cry :)

hope everyones day was good ,

gentle hugs xxxxxxx

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i dont know if this blog makes sense my fibro fog is getting worse lol i just tried to do the washing up with the t-towel instead of a sponge :)

i stood there looking at it thinking whats wrong with this picture ,and quickly put said t-towel in washing machine before my husband saw me lol what a complete wolly ,well that made me laugh :)


Bless ya, I agree a glass half full, is the best attitude :) Hope the car situation is sorted soon.

Gentle Hugs

Lou x


If the car has been faulty since you bought it you may have a claim. Im dealing with that now and absolutly refuse to be fobbed off. Have finally got an agreement to give me back the money I lost :)


sorry ure having such a crap day, at least u have a supportive hubby, mine just thinks im dippy and should pull myself together. fibro fog makes u do the daftest things, better go cos hes not happy im on this site xxxx


im glad i make sense to someone lol my family have no idea most of the time lol


Oh heck lynz, what a nightmare! I have to agree with twiglet about the car......

I went to Dunelm and bought some craft 'stuff' and a beach picture, I love beach pics and ........right at this moment I can't remember what else! LOL x


lol :) i love beach pics as well


I can't swim but love the water, :) specially the sea. I can stand and look at it for hours..... I live nearly an hour from the coast so don't go very often.


i think the pics are very restfull ,but i have quite a phobia about rough seas pics and true life rough sea the feelings of being really cold brrrrrrrr lol :)


I love em, lol :)


i dont think we have a leg to stand on we bought it from a private seller "sold as seen " :(


Someimes it best to sit down and look around at what we have got and we all have days where its all going wrong but it will urn around some day soon and be your turn for it to be all ok. i try to keep posotive love to you diddle x


i feel a bit more positive today diddle and my glass is half full again :)

iam a lucky girl i have a husband who is trying very hard to understand what im going through ,

and 5 gorgeous children

what more could a girl ask for :)

love to all and lovely gentle warm hugs to you all xxxxx


even with a privet buyer it has to be fit for purpous i think try CAB

keep smiling and being good to yourself hugs x


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