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bad mummy moment :(

hello all ,hope everyone else feels better than i do at the mo ,

i just cant seem to get out of of this rut of feeling okish one day to being really poorly the next

the fatigue is awful all the time ,the pain ,well every time i think it cant get any worse ,well

BAM ! it does get worse ,im stiff ,my legs are so painful its untrue ,my balance is absolutly

shot ,im dizzy ,even the bottom of my feet hurt ! well etc etc etc i wont bore you

im just so fed up ,its getting me down now ,im finding it really hard to cope ,with the kids ,and school ,im getting so low ,

well my bad mummy moment ,my two yr old managed to get away from me ,he ran off in to the road ,i just couldnt catch him cause my legs just wouldnt work ,there was a car coming aswell ! the only thing that saved him was that the driver was a women who had her wits about her and emergency stopped just in time ,im so upset ,still

im in tears everytime i think about it ,i felt so useless ,a rubbish mum :(

i must admit i feel a bit better today( still cry everytime i think about it ) ,someone lovely has given me a good talking to lol :)

i have now invested in a wrist strap for him so he cant out run me and get away ,on good advice :)

just like to say thank you to lynn ,i was so low and you really made me feel better ,thanks xxxx

gentle hugs xxxxx

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hey hey hun dont be so hard on yourself.before my split with hubby dare i say it on here/?

i had both kids round me all time and took them to school picked them up.even on my bad days as ex wouldnt get off his bum.

i had biopsys etc on my legs for my m.e and still got up and looked after them.

these things happen and sometimes you cant control it.

2 year olds are wriggly worms anyway and cant keep still.they dont understand your illness att hat age.

and i feel for you really i do.its so so hard on please give yourself a big break and a pat on the back your doing a excellent job.

i had a wrist strap and they are amazing.

when my kids got older they understood more.and when i do see them i dont talk about it they know if im having a bad day and we just have quiet chilling days.

mine are teenagers now and dont live with me so i have it easier than some on here.

lots of hugs okay.

have a cuppa and say he okay and safe and didn nothing wrong.xx


thanks sammy it meens a lot xxx


Hi Lynz, I agree with sammy dont be hard on yourself. I realy admire all of you who have kids and also have fibro, cfs, and all that comes with it. Our grandaughter is 18mths and i sometimes go to bristol to help out if son or daughter-in-law have to work away or shes not at nursery. after a couple of days i come home nackered. You all do a brill job i dont think i could have coped when boys were young. When they are in bed try and rest i know its easier said than done but you must think of yourself sometimes. take care soft hugs and YOU ARE A GOOD MUM. xxx


thanks scrumie ,i do try to rest when they have gone up to bed ,but like you say its said than done :) and thank you again xxxx


oh hun, sorry i wasnt about to help!

dont beat yourself up, remember you always have been a natural earth mother to me xx

love n hugs xxxxxx

ps ryan could get out wrist strap easily, so i bought (if you remember) back back with strap on it? xxx


i mean in my eyes you have, not literally mother to me lol xx


oh yes i remember that lol ,they where dead clever , :) and thanks hun ,must make sure we get together more often :) xxx


lol i see what you meen ,mother to me .... hahaha :-D


Hi don't be so hard on yourself thankfully no harm was done. The backpacks with straps attached are a great idea. My problem is keeping patience with my 17 year old son I am so short tempered and hear myself making unnecessary nasty comments he is t a bad lad and I always say sorry to him and he just says its ok. Breaks my heart and I cry. My depression is so bad at the moment. We all make mistakes take care sue x x


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