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bad day again

morning all i feel like a good moan to day so forgive me , my fibro flair up statred again , feeling low due to having had a letter from soliceter regarding claim for my ankle , court was last week but the landlord never showed up, so no evedence from him and by the looks of thing had no liberty insurance njether , my solicter cant do any more for me but adviced to see another one , , looks like i need another op to on it , .

to top it of my boyfreind of 2yrs decided he cant handle things and want to be just freinds , .Im shocked he helped me with my illness and hospital visits ,so doesnt look good of getting back togther properley ,

to top it all of with having fibro got alot of problems with my teeth grinding and coming loose so a trip to dentist 4 times for me for a a bridge made , does any one suffer with teeth problems he says doesnt help with medication or fibro , i was born premi weighing just a 1ib , having suffering with not making enogh calisum ,not looking forward to treatment on my birthday with no front tooth ,.

still no word on flat ready got turned down for a grant from soical even on appeal . , my life is rotten at the moment. and feel like running away ,dont think my antdepression are working nether ,

soft hugs to you all sorry for the moan this cold morning

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So sorry you are having such a rotten time, tinkerbell.

Do you think a trip to your GP might help you. Maybe you need a diff.anti depressant or a slightly higher dose?

Relationship probs are awful to deal with when things go pear shaped and it doesn't get any easier the older you get! At least your boyfriend still wants to be friends so that might be a blessing in the long run. maybe he'l be able to cope better with your illness as a good friend. Might not seem like it now but in the long term you might feel differently. Sorry ,y hands aren;'t working very well so I am typing rubbish. I haven't got the energy to go back and correct typos. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and sending you loving thoughts and hugs Saskia XX


Dear Tinkerbell,

I am sorry your feeling low at the moment and you seem to have many things on your mind.

This I can tell is very stressful and has probably be involved in why your flare has started to feel worse again.

I am sorry to hear that you and your partner have decided on an amicable split and you have problems with having to go to court to get compensation for your injury. My GP once said to me when I was stressing about everything all at once to break it down using the image of an onion. You are in the middle and put all the problems on each layer and slowly when you feel up to it address each layer. It really helped me so I hope it helps you too!

I would consider mentioning your feelings and your symptoms to your GP and he/she can discuss the best treatment plan for you. Are your medications helping with the pain?

If you would like to look at the FibroAction website via the link below it mentions all recommended treatments for Fibromyalgia

Also you sound like you may need some outside support , is there a support group near you at all? If not just ringing the Samaritans for a chat may help 08457 90 90 90 and here's the Support Group Directory from the website to check for group near you

I hope you day improves and I wish you well



Hello Tink, bless you!

So sorry to hear about everything happening right now. Everything seems to happen at once doesn't it. You have been through a rough time of it over the last few months.

Regarding your teeth, I sympathise. I had to have a post put into my jaw yesterday and my toothache today is not welcome on top of Fibro pain, so I really feel for you my dear. Hopefully your dental work will sort your teeth out for you and you will be problem free in that area for a good while.

What is the position regarding your flat Tink, did they tell you anything? Is there another hearing planned? How awful that the landlord didn't turn up. I hope the system can do something to ensure he attends next time.

Your boyfriend is obviously struggling too at the moment, I expect you've tried sitting down and both of you thrashing it all out to see if you can get back on track. It's not unusual for our loved ones to struggle with our Fibro and other problems too. They in actual fact need support too trying to get to grips with it all too. I hope it all works out the way you want it to my dear.

My goodness you have your ankle on top of everything, you poor thing.

Tink just take one step at as time, don't look too far ahead. Just try to sort one thing out at a time and please know that we understand and we are always here for you at all times. We will always do all we can to help and support you along the way, just ask.

Please feel free to private message me if you'd like a chat or need to off load, I am always around. Just click on my name, it will take you to my profile page and then look on the left and select Send Me A Message, then type your message and send. I will reply as soon as I possibly can.

Take care Tink, sending you love and hugs. (((hugs)))) xxxx



hi lib ,thank you for all of your support ,theres no more hearing planned for my grant to get stuff for the flat , was told last week by council a refurshment was in order , new wiring extra so work still in progress there , ,

me and boyfreind meeting for a meal tommrow to try and work things through im hoping we come along way to finish it ,

got a letter of my solicter today explaning they cant do any more to win the case as the landlord not being in contact with them .so have to find another one which iv done today ,

but now to download all photos of ankle and a spread sheet of pysio,hospital visits and miles iv done ,to see if new solicter will take the case on ,

im hoping they will has not finished with fracture clinic yet . .

before xmaS GOT A phone call from mental heath team but now waiting for them to call back and see me . im going round the bend at the moment ,

having bad day again with flair up and flipping ankle sore , so tired today couldnt sleep last night with whats going on and was up at 5.30am ,

just took more painkillers and geting a roll then going back to bed for a while .

stopped snowing here at the mo and suns out thank goodness .

thank you again every one for your support and looking forward to hear from all of you again xxx

tink x


My pleasure Tink, always here for you!

It sounds as though you are on top of everything in spite of it being so stressful for you my dear, so well done!

Take one small step at a time, one thing at a time. Best of luck with your partner tomorrow, if it's worth having, it's worth hanging on in there! :)

Keep focussed with the situation regarding your ankle and I am sure the rest will straighten our in time.

Make sure you get enough rest too to keep yourself as well as you can, these things tend to take their toll on us don't they. Pace yourself too.

Keep at it Tink, you're doing so well under the circumstances.

Keep in touch too my dear.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Tinkerbell

I do so hope you manage to work things out with your boyfriend

not a lot i can ad to other comments so i will send you warm hugs and good luck for tomorrow



Hi, you sound very positive despite everything going on, I hope things get better for you soon.xx


I must say I really am not surprised that you feel like running. I think we have all been there. We are tested and we are tested regularly with everything that happens to us. Remember hun, all tunnels have a beginning and an end and I feel that very soon you will reach the end and come out of that tunnel a stronger person. As for your guy wanting to be friends, sometimes this can work out for the better, not always, but sometimes. Look at it this way, you only have to worry about you now. You never know, if he wants to be friends he may still help out with hospital visits from time to time. I know a couple that broke up after 15 years together and they are better now as friends than they ever were as acouple. As I said to another memeber tonight, baby steps is the way to go hun xxxxx


hi all fibro freinds to top it off know my boiler packed in not enough water pressure going through ,so had to ring landlord for help ,had to swicth boiler of tonight ,so no heating wrap up in dressing gown good job electric heater , my ankle killing me even with pain killers tonight not surpriced its freezing , .

hope man comes out in morning for me ,


Hi again Tink, my goodness me, I hope you are managing to keep warm! Do you have a hot water bottle to keep you cosy.

Make sure you take your pain relief Tink and fingers crossed you get your boiler fixed tomorrow.

Take care my dear.

(((hug))) xxx



cant get any worse can it , so hope its fixed tommrow . thank you for support x

tink xx


Keep taking one step at a time Tink, this will sort out and I'm always here for you to help and support you as much as I can. :) xxxx


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