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my fibo twin has decided to give me a bad day

fibo flare on its way finaly gave in and took a tramadol last night it gave me 1 hour good sleep tossed and turned the rest of the night, got up this morning gave in at 5am thankfully hubby was awake to help me out of bed im so stiff and in pain today felling very weepy as well im fighting my stuck on fibo twin as im going to have a smile on my face all day today as my twins are visiting me they are 23 but i love seeing them and they both coming for the whole day so my fibo twin is going to me put under cover and the smile stuck on my face until they go then im having a hot bath and am staying in it until i have to get out, i knew last week was a fake but i made the most of it now im gona suffer bad, got doctors end of next week so hopefully he will have some new medication for me, not sure how many more panic attacks i can cope with, ive learnt to breath threw them so my youngest daughter doesnt get up set but its getting harder as they seam to be getting worse not better, i discussed it with hubby last night about the medication ie had and thinking maybe being drowsey and feeling sick is better han being depressed but then i hink can i cope without it and at least i know what is going on, im waffling i know but im having a really bad day and i felt as ive shared my good days wih you id share the bad ones as well fingers are stiffien so will post now before i cant move them, oh yer a bit of a giggle im using my 2 year old neices non spill mug for a cup of tea as my hands wont hold a normal mug my 9 year daughter thinks its really funny mummy sitting here with a bright pink plastic beaker lol

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oh bless you i do hope you start to feel little better soon you take care love diddle x


Oh you poor love, my heart goes out to you. I hope you get through the day, but I am sure if you don't cope too well your twins will understand how mum is feeling. Don't suffer in silence, get to the doctors tomorrow, don't wait until the end of the week. I am on antidepressants, Gabapentin and strong pain relieve. I call my Gabapentin my gaga drug as that's how I feel on it but it is better than the pain. Stay warm and try to enjoy your day.

Hugs xxxxxxxx


Aw poor you Tracy, hope you have a really good day with your daughters, loving the smiley face!!. I have heard breathing into a paper bag is supposed to help with panic attacks,don't know if you have tried it.

You can't beat a nice pink plastic cup for your morning cuppa lol. Take care, Love Angelaxx


God love you, hope the flare goes soon, know how you feel xxx Claire


hi thanks for the lovely comments day went great took meds before twins came my son helped me do the dinner while my daughter kept the other amused with her new keyboard pain has been bearable and the meds kept the fibo twin at bay im sure he will find his way back later lol twins now gone so oungest in bath then i can settle down on the settee to watch the voice and yes i have tried the paper bag but funny when you need one you cant find one but breathing did the trick today thanks to you all again


Just want to send you a big gentle hug tracy and i hope you start feeling better soon.

hugs, kel xxx


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