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DIET plans and tips

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Since being diagnosed i strongly believe 'you are what you eat' going by my own experience, certain foods really affect my symptoms. SO my request to you lovely lot is Looking for dietary meal plans/tips that any of you follow and are willing to pass on so i can try. I know what may work for someone else wont work for others people but hey, theres no harm in trying. Id really like suggestions on meals/snacks. I am quite disorganised when it comes to staying on track with what to eat and currently frustrated trying to look online for meal plans for fibro sufferers😊 any suggestions welcome

21 Replies
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if you go to the pinned recipes, there are loads. I’m using Apple phone, so I just scroll down to the bottom of the page and. Good luck.

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Oh right! I dont see that on my phone. I will have a look around now thank you

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Blue-52 in reply to TeeRee2

go to ur search bar and just type recipes

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Calorie diet works a treat You could try the

free app

My fitness pal

Its good for your fibro as well

Its free

You put your meals in your diary and also sends you reminders etc

And tells you the calories

And can set your targets for upto to lose 2lb

A week you can lose more as well



My fitness pal

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Jasmeet12 in reply to Ajay575

I agree i have used this app, its great if you stick to it

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Ajay575 in reply to Jasmeet12

Yeh same here .might start it again myself

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I have IBS associated with my Fibro and I several years ago my doctor suggested that I try following a fodmaps diet which does help me with my IBS symptoms. If you haven't heard of fodmaps before it is a list of foods which are thought to trigger IBS particularly those containing any sugars ending in "ose" eg lactose, fructose etc. There has been a lot of research done into this list of foods particularly in Australia. If you have IBS with your fibro it might be worth looking into. There is lots of information on the Internet.

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TeeRee2 in reply to Southport-beach

Thank you so much

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I was diagnosed 2009 and the doctor put on lots of meds but they didn't help my quality of life so I did my own research and I'm not on any meds just vitamins foods that are natural pain killers and when I slip and don't eat well boy do I know it. Everybody's taste varies and blood pressure etc I had low BP so beetroot lowers BP quickly which would make my heart struggle so once you know your limits its great 👍 if you want specifics on what I eat let me know don't want to bore you by reeling them off😅

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TeeRee2 in reply to Epea

Please do tell me more!!

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Epea in reply to TeeRee2

Ok my best painkiller foods are nutribullet mixes I alternate green and brown juices.The green juice is mint parsley carrot some lemon including rind fresh orange and olive oil (essential as raw food acidic and if no oil ulcers or polyps occur and olive all an excellent transporter of vitamins) all organic if possible and the brown one which looks and tastes like chocolate milkshake is avocado walnuts honey coconut water raw carob powder or raw cocoa powder these 2 give energy and kill pain. For general food Fresh food is best because your body has to work hard to break it down so like a workout for your insides whereas processed foods are mostly cooked giving your body a lazy shortcut. I add a third of raw food to the fresh food as the enzymes are more powerful in raw state but in winter who wants cold raw food so when I make hot fresh food I add raw food near the end of cooking so it's slightly warmed up but raw ie throw sprouted lentils into cooked soup and any other raw veg you like 😀 leaving out nasties is just as important too! Rich dairy foods that make your blood struggle to circulate and as you know fibro suffers already have poor circulation! Vitamin d important in this country and if you don't eat much fish or meat b12 vital and for women primrose oil and starflower oil. The food I have varies but I keep to juices and vitamins like a religion as I am no longer in a wheelchair and zero side effects unlike tablets used to give me. I am energised not sedated

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I try to follow a clean processed free diet as I find this helps me greatly, when I stick to it. (Sometimes I get into a spiral of can't be bothered because I'm sore and tired so I'll not eat properly. ) I do feel so much better when I stick to it strictly. Less pain, less tired more energy, no ibs. Cook everything from scratch, lots of veg and fruits, whole grain bread, flours, brown sugar etc. Limit any processed foods to as little as possible.

I batch cook and freeze so on days when it's bad I can still eat ok if I feel like it.

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TeeRee2 in reply to Mystique23

Any recipes you can share?I cook from scratch but still struggling

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Mystique23 in reply to TeeRee2

I like using slimming eats recipes, have some tasty ideas on there.

Love this one. So tasty and filling too.

I really like the hairy dieters cook books and Jamie Oliver 15 and 30 min meals.

I also really like some of the Joe wicks recipes esp his chicken katsu one.

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Drinking the recommended water each day really does help.Taking a daily vitamin supplement after your fattiest meal helps reduce the chance of low or deficient nutrient levels which can happen with chronic illnesses like Fibro even if you have a good diet as we are constantly using up more vitamins than a healthy person as the body tries to cope with pain.

Its a good idea to get a baseline of your vitamin and mineral levels by requesting blood tests from the GP .

Get your Vitamin D , Vitamin B12, Folates , Ferritin / Iron and Magnesium checked. If you have any deficiencies you may need added single supplements for them.

Many people take additional Vitamin C, Vitamin D , K 2 and Magnesium on top of the daily supplement as these can help many people with pain. Better for you does a spray that contains Vitamin D , K2 and Magnesium which is very easy to take.

If you need iron , Solgar , Gentle iron does not give you the stomach issues or constipation that Ferrous products from the GP can do.

Omega 3 is good each day , but avoid Omega 6 as it is an inflammatory and can trigger more pain.

Creating a diet for life is very individual, but one of the best things you can do is cut out processed foods and ready meals. Stop eating things with artificial sweeteners and reduce refined sugar foods to the occasional , small treat. Swap white carb foods for complex carbs instead, so wholemeal or gluten free for white , brown rice for white , wholemeal pasta , small portions of potato with skins ( except for the occasional toasties or chip , the diet should be fun not punishing or you won't stick with it).

Probiotic live yoghurt can settle the stomach and improve your gut culture , it's nice for breakfast with fruit, nuts and a little honey and you can have it as a dip for veggies by adding herbs , spices , Avacado or tomato puree.

A varied , nutrient rich , Mediterranean style diet with lots of the fruit and vegetables that suit your stomach with the odd treat works well as something you can sustain.

If you eat meat and fish , go with fish , shellfish , chicken and occasional red meat .

Some people do better with lactofree dairy products and egg dishes are a good source of protein and vitamins.

Dark green vegetables and mushrooms and banana help increase vitamin B which is essential for reducing many chronic health symptoms.

Try using different pulses , beans , nuts or nut butters.

You can use sugar substitution in baking with things like apple or banana puree , honey or coconut sugar.

Dark chocolate makes a nice treat .

What is important is to have fun with it but also make the preparation as easy as possible. You don't want to be cooking for hours then feeling too achy to enjoy it.

Salads , one pot stews , stir fries , soups , roast or steamed meat or fish with oven roast veg is easy.

As well as looking at the recipes here try looking on the Diabetes UK website as they have tons of clean eating recipes to try , as does the Michael Moseley Fast 800 plan , if you just put that in an internet search you can find lots of recipes free without the need to buy the book.

Enjoy the experience of cooking for life , Bee

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leione in reply to Blearyeyed

Great response and very well-thought-out

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Eleanortoo in reply to Blearyeyed

Thank you blearyeyed, particularly for mentioning Diabetes UK. It's an excellent response. As well as fybromyalgia I tipped over into diabetes II earlier this year and am trying to get out of it but have fallen by the wayside the last few months. I think you might just have given me a gentle shove to get back on track. 🙂

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Blearyeyed in reply to Eleanortoo

Glad to help , they have some really nice recipes and it's actually surprising how much you get to eat each day with these Diabetes and Fast 800 meals.I managed to help my Mum reverse her Diabetes Type 2 twice ( she fell back into old ways ) with this method so I hope it works for you too.

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Eleanortoo in reply to Blearyeyed

Thank you. I will start doing some meal planning.

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TeeRee2 in reply to Blearyeyed

Brilliant! lots of information thank you so much. Massive help!

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Totally agree with the 'You are what you eat concept,' & keep as active as possible! You might therefore be interested in the following video: it's from a conference about one of the conditions I have, but relevant to many people.

There are some useful comments in the following about fibro & diet:

I would also agree with Blearyeyed's great comments about diet.

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