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Sorry for the confusion (fog brain) but does anyone's nose run when eating a meal


Hi everyone

I just posted a question about my nose running when eating a hot meal and got answers referring to eating hot food ie Curries or stuff with chillies in it, what I really meant was does anyone's nose run when eating a meal, as any meal I eat is usually hot except a salad which is cold, sorry for the confusion I put it down to having fog brain. Dave

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My reply would still be the same. Doesn't matter whether the food is hot, warm or cold. Runs all the time! I eat armed with tissues.


Might be a good idea to save getting muddled up, if we carry on on the original thread, just explain that you meant any hot food, not just spicey. This way all the posts can stay together instead of having two threads running here and there. People might not realise there are two of the same, hope that makes sense. :)

I suffer with dry nose, until I eat, then I need a hanky. Most peoples noses run when eating hot or spicy foods I think. But a dry nose that only runs when eating is probably where you are coming from!?

yes my nose always runs when I eat dont know why is it related to fibro?

I don't think this is abnormal in any way - a lot of people get a drippy nose when they eat, and though it can be a nuisance, I don't think it's disease related..

If it really bothers you, it might be best to check with your GP, but he probably has the same!

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