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help with weight loss

I need to lose half a stone as soon as i can so i can wear my clothes comfortably.

I do have problems eating whereby i do eat but i eat junk.

The only hot meal i eat is on a sunday. Dont get me wrong i have cooked food then do not

want to eat it.

I have started to eat crisp and chocolate at night. I have this week managed to alter my

evening food to cream crackers with jam, 1 bag of crisp, grapes and some spearmint sweets.

I have also stopped drinking tea/coffee after 4.30 and have started drinking hot cordial i take a tin of diet coke to bed with me.

Please help with suggestions if possible.

Hugs to all of you

Belinda x

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I lost 3stone eating crisp sandwiches and tea with 3 sugars for breakfast lol but I didn't eat all day then rice cakes with that dependable chilli cheese and tomato..more tea...but I just couldn't be bothered to cook..but I cook 2times a week now for my boyfriend so I eat a normal dinner...2 Times a week.I. am so scared of putting weight back on b4 summer cos like you it's how I feel in clothes not what scale says.I have my fat wardrobe and slimmer a



thank you and that made me laugh


Spreadable not dependable lol....I find eat lightest meal in evening not in day don't eat rubbish at night eat fruit or go a head biscuits..that's how I do it I eat what I want but smaller plate don't use large works good luck


I have always found the Slimming World diet very good. I don't go to the clubs, because it's expensive, but I get the magazines which have lovely recipes, most of which are very easy to make.

I also have a fickle appetite, which is common with fibro sufferers, and I have recently had a stomach ulcer which doesn't help much, but you have to be realistic about crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks and stuff - they won't do your health any favours.

I'll tell you what I eat - it's easy and healthy, and it keeps you slim. I'm size 6-8.

Breakfast I have plain, wholegrain cereal - Weetabix, Shredded Wheat or porridge, with 1% milk and a small pinch of sugar. Don't buy fancy cereals- they are mostly sugar, and cost the earth.

Lunch is a chicken, egg, ham or tuna sandwich with wholemeal bread and lots of salad - a teaspoon of light mayo, then fruit. Sometimes I'll have soup instead - homemade is best, but if cooking is difficult the Covent garden ones are great and you can get them cheaply in Lidl and Asda

Dinner - I have a plain meal, lean meat and two veg, or jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad, or a plain casserole with plenty of veg, and fruit and yogurt for dessert. You can vary this a lot - just use your common sense not to have much fat or sugar.

If I get hungry between meals, I have some fruit or a handful of fresh nuts (not salted peanuts!).

If I feel ill and can't eat a meal, I have a glass of milk, or some fruit juice.

It's best to drink as little alcohol as possible - I guess most of us don't drink anyway because of meds.

I hope this is helpful to you. Over the years I have learned a fair bit about nutrition, so if you want any more help, please feel free to message me.

Moffy x


omg how tiny you must be. thanks for your advice i really think it is just i need to make myself eat the right things. I have not touched alcohol for two years which was when i was suffering depression due to the loss of my mum. i need to force myself to eat properly and thanks for your interest

Belinda x


I lost half a stone in three weeks because I realised I was eating junk all the time ... So with the support of KazF on here who messaged me regularly to remind not to eat junk I cut it out completely just had three meals a day everytime I felt hungry in between meals I had a drink of water or organic squash and I came to realise a lot of my hunger pains were actually cos I was thirsty ... I am on steroids temporarily so my weight loss has halted but weight I have lost has stayed off as I am not going back to my old eating habits.... Very boring I know. But well worth it...



i dont eat between meals i just seem to eat junk in the evening. i have a large bowl of ceriel in the morning. yoghurt and an apple tart or a few biscuits and then trash as night i dont eat between meals. I am a size 10 and currently weigh 9 stone but it is too much for me i need to lose a little.

thanks for your advice

Belinda x


I need to follow this advice too. I have gone from a size 10 to a 14 and rising in just over 2 years due to meds, lack of exercise and eating crap when in a flare and feel like a fat blob, which doesn't help.


Yes, me too. Cant seem to shift the weight but then I'm in a flare a the moment and eat crap!! Lady moth, I will be trying your diet!! Wish me luck......


good luck to you - let us know how you go on



I'm struggling with weight issues too and this has been interesting reading - especially Moffy's summary (thank you!). One thing I have been told by my GP (who is also a consultant rheumatologist) was to steer well clear of diet drinks as most artificial sugars are bad for pain.

Gentle hugs to all

Spirit x x x


thanks spirit i will stop the diet coke

belinda x


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