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Felt the need to use a walking stick

Hi, Due to stress at work not been feeling very good lately, on my days off my husband and I go to Porthcawl and have a nice meal in a restaurant that we like then have a walk along the sea front, always enjoy but today was the first time I used a walking stick, don't like the idea that is what I'm coming too but trying to stay positive and hope that when the stress eases in work I will feel better.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Love Pauline.

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Hi Pauline, I"m a Welsh girl & know Porthcawl well! There is no shame or embarrassment in using a Walking Stick! I"ve used one for many years! My son who is only 30 has been on Crutches for past 17 years!

Well done on you Pauline for getting out to Porthcawl with your husband & enjoying this beautiful weather!

If it means using a Walking-stick to enable you to get out, so be it, @ least your"re making the effort, good on you!!

I hope & pray that when your stress levels come down you will feel better too!

In my thoughts & Prayers

(((Gentle hugs))) x


I used to feel embarrassed by my stick (bought when I was about 22) because I was ashamed of needing one - especially as it was my choice to buy one, I felt a little like medical people would say I didn't need it. Recently I've ditched my dull black stick for a vibrant flowery one - I've lost most of my embarrassment factor (am 39 now) and its benefits in enabling me to go further/longer etc. completely outway and concerns I might have of how people look at me.

Think of it this way - using a stick enables you to do more of the things you'd like to but can't because fibro doesn't play fairly. It's a definite positive step in taking control back from fibro.

Hope the stress eases soon, that's definitely no fun.


Thanks for your replies, when you put it as positive as you have I don't feel so bad.

Thanks Pauline.

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Hi Pauline

That sounds my type of day. If the walking stick helps supports you and gives you more confidence in your walking why not. As you say stress does affect the muscles badly so hopefully when your stress eases off you might find the walking stick can go back in the cupboard. Hope you will be feeling better soon.x


Hi Pauline, like others have said, if you need a stick to help you enjoy a walk along the sea front then so be it. I have been using a stick for about 9 months now, ideally I should be using 2 but I am making do with one for very short trips and a 4 wheeled chariot also known as a rollator for anything more than 50 yards. The up side is I can walk much further and in way less pain both during and after, the downside, well to be honest I haven't really found one yet.

I live in continual hope that things will improve and I won't need them anymore but until then, I will make the best use of anything that helps me maintain some kind of life outside of my own 4 walls. Take care, Linda.

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Hi I have been using a stick for the las 4 months or so was really embraassed at first but it gives me the means to get where I want to go I am ok I am even got some in different colours ,the hardest thing was the scooter I bought so I could walk my dogs my self I live in mid wales by the way x



I am delighted that you have managed to get out and enjoy yourself, and I know that you do not really want to use a walking stick but if it is the difference between going out and staying at home then to me, there is no comparison!

I use a shiny new purple tri-walker to go out, as I have a lot of falls otherwise, I cannot imagine life without it now?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Strange to congrateulate you but I do. It seems to be a step into giving in to becoming old. Well it is actually a step in the right direction - if it helps- if you can therefore walk further and with les pain there is really no arguement.

I started having to use a stick about 15 years ago now I use crutches they keep my back straighter an stop me falling backwards into things! I would rather be upright than flat on my back like a dead fly!

Good luck walk tall if you can and with a smile on your face

you can do pretty much everything that comes your way!


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I have a fold up one & take it with me on days out. I get so far then feel the need of a little help. Wouldn't be without it. It means I can carry on rather than have to go home. So it's got to be worth it. It's very flowery & pretty. X

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So sorry sweetheart, but you have to do whatever makes you most comfortable. I sometimes limp from rupture disk's in my back. At least you aren't letting the pain get you down. I say good for you!!! Keep on keeping on sweetheart. xxx Mitzi

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Hello to all, I have been on crutches since 2006 I think?at first I had them at the elbow where they are meant to be, but I was leaning forward and my bum was sticking out, so I decided to alter them, uphigher went the arm bits, and they are now between elbow and armpit, many times told they are wrong, but I just explained, that they helped me stand up straighter, and my back did not ach as much, and when stood still, I could stand up better,. Everybody needs to use those support things that gives them the opportunity to be mobile, ttfn


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