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just been in hydrotherapy pool !

20 mins in the warm pool doing exercises , bit light headed and body has sensations going on , thet did explain this would happen and im feeling exhausted , time to lye down , see how i feel later and tom xx big hugs to all xx

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hiya, sounds wonderful, where was this?


Hi broadband

I had hydrotherapy after my back op. it is lovely isn't it. The pool I went to was like bath water. It is actually a small public pool. I would love to go again but it is a 30 min drive.

Mmmmm maybe I will have to see if my daughter wants to come at the weekend.

I hope you feel the benefits.

Piggie hugs. Xxxxxxxx


So pleased you managed your hydrotherapy Broadband, make sure you take it easy tomorrow as you might feel tired.

Hope it goes as well for you next time. :)

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Libs, Do you know if this service is available in the Wirral/ How do I go about trying to get it?

Thanks Sue xxx


I had to stop mine as I couldn't cope with it all.It was lovely though sigh!

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hi all , well last night i hurt soo much it made me cry and this morn pretty much the same , dont think ill be going again , its nice just to relax in but the exercises havent helped me at all , never mind i tried lol xxx


it always effects you after being in the warm water. I have never come across anyone where hydro hasnt helped them.

when you get out make sure you drink plenty if water and rest up for the remainder if the day.

you should feel the benefit by the next day.

I have been going for about 10 yrs now. we are lucky our hospital run a self help group. they charge, but it's nominal and I know I couldn't have managed without going all these years. often it's the only time I go out all week.

please give it another chance. it may be your first session was just too long for you. if you are not used to it then t will hurt, but you will benefit, believe me. I wouldn't have continued going all these years, f it wasn't worth it, plus I have a 15 mile journey each way. that's how local, I am to the local hospital! xx


hi Fibro

I'm having my 1st hydro session on Thursday can't wait. I live in the Brighton area, so have to travel to Haywards Heath but don't mind as long as it helps me.


have fun, seriously though, you will be exhausted afterwards, but should hopefully feel more relaxed the next day, make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards and rest when you get home.

I can't drive at the moment but I know when I used to drive there and back it would knock me out even more. esp as the physio dept is right over the other side if the hospital to the car park. even no disabled parking close by.

as it's your first time they shouldn't overwork you, but it's really the only exercises I get and I wouldn't be without it.

let us know how you get on xx


Hi Broadband I had the samething happen to me and it went on for over a week . My OH called the physio and told them what the exersizes did to me and we never went the next mon. Now this monday we went and I did only 10 mins and just walking and have been better fibro wise . I agree with fibro it is good ,just don't let them make you do too much. When I am well enough I go to a pool near us in a leisure centre the water is about 32dg and then I get into the Kakuzi and it is about 40dg.Maybe you have one near your home x

Good luck x x ;-)


hi rainbow , iam calling my physio today as im still the same , i want to try anything im offered but not when it leaves you like this , i hope it calms down soon , ty for ur reply rainbow big hugs xx angie


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