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Just an example of my fitbid

Saturday 16th July ( started in the afternoon)

Steps 3,528

Water 500ml

Hourly activity 3 hours out of 9 hours

Calories burned 1,981

9 out of 10 Active minutes

Distance 1.48 miles

Time asleep 9 hr 5 min

Sleep quality 1 time awake 11 times restless 22 min awake/restless

Sunday 17th July ( our anniversary)

Steps 5,496

Water 1,000 ml

Hourly activity 5 hours out of 9 hours

Calories burned 2,320

Active minutes 22 minutes (gets the heart beating )

Distance 2.88 miles

Time asleep 5 hr 37 min

Sleep quality 2 times awake 16 times restless 42 min awake/restless

It's opened my eyes as I didn't realise how little water I was drinking I have now set a goal that I can reach personal for myself on all the activities above

It's quite amazing how many steps you do with just walking around the house

On Friday I was having a great day I did

9,774 steps

Water 1,250

Hourly activity 7 hrs out of 9 hours

Calories burned 2,255

Active minutes 33 minutes ( gets your heart beating)

Distance 3.86 miles

Time asleep 5 hr 35 min

Sleep quality 4 times awake 17 times restless 3 hr 54 min awake/restless

And today I'm having a slow day ( my body is in total meltdown)

Hoping everyone is feeling as good as possible

Soft hugs to everyone 😊

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Thanks for sharing that as I found it very interesting!!!! Keep on keepin' on!!Peck.🐤

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Thank you peck for reading my message

I'm on a very very slow day today (as I have only done 926 steps in 7 hours ) as my feet and ankles are swallow so much but I do find if I'm having a good day like yesterday I do tend to get all the jobs I want to do that have been put off due to being pain and I know I'm going to pay back with the pain the next day 😊

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I must say I found informative. It's the weekend and you deserve break!! Kick back and prop your feet up!! Peck.🐤

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Thank you so much for sharing my friend, that was very interesting and informative. I shall have to try something like this myself and keep a good record. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken :) :)


TheAuthor this is the Fitbit which is quite expensive but you can get cheaper ones on eBay called Smart fit band which work about the same the information is stored on your phone so you can keep track of your activities daily weekly monthly instead of like me writing on paper then losing it 😊


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