Hydrotherapy so excited

Pathetic. I am actually excited that I have found a complimentary therapy that feels good and actually works, lovely lovely warm water,resistance jets to help build back muscle tone all with a physio. Oh bliss. Hubby did point out that as three sessions a week are recommended ( can't afford more than one) A jacuzzi would be a lot cheaper in the long run! If he is offering I am accepting. Bet he is thinking of nighttime naked bubbles with a large glass of wine... innuendo intended.

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  • Hi 1Dog1Kid .

    I totally agree with you, this is one of the best treatments you can have.

    Doesnt feel like a treatment, more like a pamper.

    I used to go twice a week but it was an 80 mile round trip and the sessions were not cheap but they were worth every penny.

    Trying to get me out of that warm water was another matter I would stay in there till the very last minute.

    Enjoy it- its great.



  • Apparently life are selling hot tub for £299 this Sunday, can be used indoors or out !!

  • I too have hydro weekly which I pay for and I use the Jacuzzi twice if I can get my daughter to go with me, yes its a good alternative therapy but its not for everyone just like numerous drugs don't work for everyone, if you can keep sessions going you will feel good after 12 sessions. Jacuzzi needs space for you to stretch your muscles but sometimes I just sit and soak, I have a bath robe at the side of the tub to avoid getting cold walking back to changing rooms.

  • It's not pathetic at all.

    I'd be in there all the time.


  • I wish there were more hydotherapy pools as they so obviously help with pain and movement. The standard six treatments on the NHS whilst helpful at the time are no use in the longer term.

    Ask around and see if you can find a warm public swimming pool, my local one is freezing but another 8 miles away is much warmer. Bear in mind too that the childrens pool alongside will be warmer, and can be used during senior/disabled sessions.

    Also check out local holiday parks, they often come with membership to cover all leisure facilities and generally have saunas and jacuzzis.

    Hope this gives you a few ideas.


  • Hydrothereapy my bliss word I wish I could have had more than the six sessions allowed with our local NHS. Enjoy. You mean you would have the energy for 💑lucky you, order the hot tub now.xxx

  • Hi 1Dog1Kid , Glad your enjoying your therapy abd most if all it helps!! Ill leave the hot tub up to yiu to deal with...Lol Peck 🐤

  • Hi 1Dog1Kid

    I am truly delighted that you have found something that helps. I want to truly wish you all the best of luck my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Bliss. Enjoy x

  • Aww,lovely to hear you found a therapy that works. I think my mind is in overdrive trying to find something that will ease my pain a scale down than my usual pain scale scores. I am going to try that too, see how I feel about and watch the space for feedback. Good for you 😊

  • This sounds like heaven! I am so glad it helped you, always good to find something that works and eases some of the aches we are blessed with!

    You have just reminded me to look into availability in my area too, so thank you for sharing.

    Take care 💜

  • I asked my rheumologist about hydrotherapy but unfortunately we don't have a pool that caters for that I'm our local hospital. Good luck with yours though...I've heard many good things about hydrotherapy. Take care x

  • Thanks lions. I am having to use one at a private hospital,a neuro disability aftercare ahhh was looking for the word rehabilitation just flew out of my ear and lost it ( the word) now a bit unlucky because will have to pay for myself. Lucky because it is only 1 mile away,doesn't cost nearly as much as I feared and I didn't have to wait. And I knew it would help so no snake oil.

    How are you today?

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