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What should I do?


Hi I would appreciate some advise-I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia- getting my head round it- yesterday I was bending over to pick something up and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back followed by sudden numbness and electric tingling from the back of my head down to my feet- I literally crawled up to bed where I am still- had to call in sick- I had disc surgery last April and it feels like something has shifted in my back- the pain is unbearable- no pain medication is touching it- I take co-codamol and gabapentin-the back of my head hurts and I have numbness and tingling on my joints- and down below (sorry!)I cannot stand up without pain - is this normal? I can’t see gp until 1march- receptionists said to go to A and E- I’m feeling so helpless and just need some reassurance- sorry this is long - thank you all for your your time

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If reception says go to A&E then I would. I'm no medical expert but that does sound more like disc than fibro. I've not heard of such instant pain with fibro, although a flare can catch us unawares. some time ago I sustained an injury and called my surgery for an urgent appointment. They simply said go to A&E cos that's where we will send you anyway if it needs an x ray. Bearing in mind the NHS is encouraging us to use primary care in preference to hospital care, if they said it, I would follow. None of us want to waste resources, but sometimes it's better a false alarm than miss something important.

I wish you luck and relief.

Sounds like you do need to go to a&e to get checked out, no point guessing, at least you might get answers. Hope this helps, 😊

Hi, I hope by the time you read this and the other replies you have been to AE. This Imo is not fibro it is a back problem and really needs looking at. I do hope you have been given something to help relieve your pain. Sounds like you may have to ring 999 if you've not done so already xx


Any numbness is a medical emergency, please go to A&E better still call an ambulance x

If you have numbness down below you must go to hospital. Xxx


As the others have said, if you have not been to A & E yet you need to get there asap xx

Go to hospital the docs tell u any numbness shud be treated as serious until it can be checked out

Please keep us up to date with what you find out in the emergency room. xx00

I just finished acupuncture for shocks to my sciatic nerve. Sounds like you have siaticia

Hope you have been checked out in A and E if so hope all is well. If its fibro my advice after 15 years is just stop and listen to your body. if you need sleep, sleep if its rest, rest its the only way to cope and to be honest most of us do some of the time. Look after yourself.


Numbness especially down below is not normal, please call g.p out of hours or nhs 111 to seek medical advice. A doctor or physio needs to check your nerves asap

Hello Givemestrength65, yes that is slipped disc or pinch nerve back related pain. Fibro causes weird symptoms and pain but not what you described. If the pain is unbearable then I would call the on call doctor who would more than likely say got to the ER to get it checked out and get some pain control. You shouldn’t have to suffer like that. 😊💕🦋

Thanks to you all for your replies! I went to A and E had a battery of tests and was advised that I have ruptured a disc which is sitting on a nerve...it was agony but am getting better each day... have recently purchased a TENS machine which has helped... I am so fed up of this...does anyone have problems getting their pain meds repeat from gp? I m on gabapentine and co codamol and everyone I request a repeat prescription, I have a problem with it then I have to make an appointment to see a different Dr. It's such a nightmare.... thanks again to you all... have a restful day!

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