What to do?

Maybe a little long but please read on and give me your thoughts.:)

I have suffered since i was 16 with lower back problems resulting in a 70% discectomy on left side of my L4L5 as had lost use of big toe and feeling in my left leg and was in constant pain anyway operation was succesful and recovered full function in my left leg and that was about 5 years ago. In the past 3 years my back has started to go again and was having moments when my left leg would disappear and my OH would catch me thank goodness ( especialy in the v expensive shop with breakable things ). didn't click at the time it was my back and ended up having MRI on my head which thankfuly showed nothing any way i digress. I had a bad back a month or so ago and asked for another MRI on my back and got the results back Yesterday. It shows that the L4 L5 has damgge and i have a nerve trapped which is causing the pain and lose of sensation, but what to do ? do i carry on and use my stick all the time or do i go to see the back surgeon and see what they suggest??? i'm scared to open that door as i have been under anesthetic 7 times already................................................????

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  • Ok excuse me if I sounds stupid but how how or low is the L4 L5 if it's lower back could you not have an epidural instead of being knocked out

    VG x

  • Hi Rachie, While I understand your dilemma I think that you won't have the full picture until you speak to the consultant. They will give you the information that you need to then make a decision with your loved ones about whether you should opt for surgery again. You can't make an informed decision without that info. Take your OH with you and don't be pressured into agreeing to anything before you have been given time to look at the problem from all angles. That is only my opinion but I hope it helps. All best wishes to you. Jane x

  • It's right in the curve just above the buttocks And i have an absolute terror of and epidural and when i had my back operation it was never offered. It may not come to an op but it's the possibility that i can't stomach but then how much damage am i doing not getting it seen to. Paul thinks i should at least see the specialist to see what he thinks. I know it's up to me as to what finally happens but don't feel strong enough to make the right choice. I guess Paul is right.


  • Thank you both and i think i will do as suggested by Paul and Ladygreenfingers and see the specialist.

    It helps to air your thoughts xxxxxx

  • Hi

    My wife had a new (at the time) type of repair to her back and instead of fusing the vertebrae they inserted some rubber type pads to space them and that was about six or seven years ago and it has been fine so far with the occasional twinge. She also was awake all the time as the surgeon used a local type of anaesthetic and not an epidural so that was much better for her.

    Do as the others have suggested and see the consultant and take it from there, you are the master (or mistress) of your body and no one can or should do anything to change that.

    Kindest regards


  • Thank you Terry that has helped i know i have better options and will bring that info with me to my appointment


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