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What should I do now?

I went to the docs yesterday as I have been off work for 3 weeks so far and had to go back to be signed fit for work.

I saw a locum doctor who was incredibly sympathetic.I explained that I wasn't sure if it's the fibro thats bad at the mo or the arthritis.

She asked if I had been referred to a rhuemy and I said no it has taken 9 yrs to get the fibro diagnosis to which she said"your usual gp has not documented that you have fibro"!!!

I have had incredible problems with my gp who wants to keep my treatment very much in house and is from the there is nothing I can do school of thought.

Am so fed up,feel like I am being fobbed off once again.

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Hello Raemomma, have you tried asking your GP for a referral to a Rheumatologist? If your GP isn't as helpful to you as you think he/she might be, you are entitled to a second opinion. Perhaps see another GP at your practice.

This might be the next step forward for you and worth thinking about.

I hope it all works out for you. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask, we are always only too happy to help where we can.

(((hug))) xxx



I would definatly start seeing a new doctor if i were you, I have seen so many i have lost count. You could also request to see your medical records. Hope you get help soon xx


firstly I would find out if the locum is going to be a regular there, if so try to see her each time. It sounds like she is more understanding of your plight hun xxxxx


I was fobbed off for years and was even told the pain was in my head. My mum never let up and every flare I hd, depending on the severity, she would take me the doctors or hospital. I believe I started with Fibro when I was 11yrs and I was diagnosed when I was 25! It does all depend on the doctor and their opinions which I couldn't get past for a while...with the help from my wonderful mum, I now have flares rarely an lead a normal(ish) life!! Keep fighting but most of all keep smiling, I know it's hard but life will never be easy! Claire x


Definitely ask your GP for a referral to a rheumatologist.

This tactic can be helpful when being refused referrals....

* Say to GP "I would like a referral to [specialism - e.g. rheumatology] because I am concerned that [specific concerns, e.g my symptoms are not under control and I do not know what is actually the problem]"

* If GP says not, ask "Can you please explain why this referral is not appropriate?"

* If you are not happy that the GP has a genuine clinical reason to not refer you at this point, say "Please record in my notes that I have requested a referral to [specialism] because of [specific concerns] and that you have refused this."

GPs have a responsibility to refer if they do not have the specialist knowledge and experience to treat a patient. They therefore don't like being forced to record it if there is not a good clinical reason for their actions.

I would recommend taking someone with you for an appointment to do this and make sure they are aware of what you want to do. If it does happen (ie. you get no referral and no good explanation) then see a different GP.


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