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My Other Self


Hello everyone, I haven’t been here for a while but just wanted to call in and say hi. I don’t know if anyone feels like me, but, I think I may have another self that lives in a parallel universe, at the same time as me, but we seem to be oozing into each other. I know this sounds mad, you may think I have a split personality, I don’t, honestly, I just can’t work out why, if I have another self, it would want to come and hurt me. She comes at night sometimes, when I am asleep. She gives my right arm a bloody good thumping, may be only once then goes away. That one good thump is enough for me not to sleep much again that night. Don’t think I am a wimp, please, if she hung around long enough for me to work to work out what was going on, I’d give her a bloody good thump back. Just last week, she came in the day time to thump me unawares. I shouted out, it was so sore, unexpected. She actually came when I was with other people. Luckily nobody noticed, but she came again, stronger this time, more daring, I think she is playing a sick game with me. I cry out again with such desperation, everyone turned. There was only me, holding my dead arm, my other self is invisible.

She pierces my gums with sharp little needles, maybe when I watch tv in the evening. I’m minding my own business. I wonder if she is a dentist in the other reality, maybe the pain she inflicts on her patients has oozed out of her daily life and somehow transposed into mine. My face aches with the pain. I have toothache where I no longer have teeth. You think I am mad, don’t you? I don’t blame you.

My other self comes to visit most mornings, not to say good morning, but to hover about with a dark blanket that she throws over me while I try to wake up. Why would anyone do that? I’m usually ok for half an hour, over breakfast, then here she comes, I think maybe from the telly, its always on. Maybe it’s night time in her world. I don’t know.

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Hello sweetiepie,

I understand exactly what you’re trying to say and it is a clever way of putting it, as I too have regular visits and the pain that is left can be either bad joint pain, headache and bad neck pain or the visit could be worse and leave me bed bound for days or sometimes weeks on end. So no I don’t think you are mad, I know exactly where you’re coming from!


Good Luck,


sweetiepie in reply to Wolf_1

Thanks for your reply Wolf, we share a debilitating condition. I hope your visits will be subdued in their nature and not so traumatic. Take care, Irene.

Ah, the inexplicable non-tooth pains! I know what you mean! I have a pain above the bridge, where there is no nerve. I suppose it is 'ghosting'. Which ties in nicely with your parallel universe theme - I also know what you mean by that!

I can't think of a logical explanation to any of it some days. Take care. x

My other self loves me so much she never leaves me .

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