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my fine feather friend,,,,,

my fine feather friend,,,,,

yesterday my cat proudly brought in a fledgling and dropped it on my bed for me to eat...

totally unharmed it fluttered all over the bed while i frantically tried to catch it before the other cat came in.

at last totally tired out i caught the little swine and placed it in a wooly hat.

asked my carr to take it to the bird had all of its wing feathers but no rudder fo enable it to fly well yet (which proves you need a strong wind up your rear to get you going. I will no longer be embarrassed to fart._)

the stupid woman had her son put the said little sod back into its nest. and true to form the suicide little git tried to fly again.

at sunset wotsit came back inside and presented me with him yet again!!!!

this time scolding me soundly for losing him the first time. I tried to entice his mom to my window but all i got was the grumpy man from upstairs giving me a tongue lashing about my killer cat.i took great pains to tell him that she worked like a retriever and has never yet killed her prey andto prove my point wotsit zoomed past his feet pounced on a mouse and proudly wound herself around his legs with the mouse hanging out of he mouth he snorted like a wild pig and stomped poff

i was left with mouse and rhe bird.leftmousie go

but wot do with the bird?

I locked in the bathroom in warm hat and it tried to fly again ended up with itsbeak at the crack of the door there it sat and cheeped all night and my second cat meowwed at the other side of the bathromm door all night.

this morningi was up with birds... i tried tp feed it with a matchstick etc but it just clamps

its beak shut tighter than a victorian virgins knees and glares at me with piggy eyes. the minute i leave it opens its beak and yells like mad..which is the mental state i will be in if it doesnt co operate


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I am afraid you must put it out for its mother to find nothing else will work and if your marvelous cat retrieves again so be it haha x gins


Petal that did make me laugh ( sorry ) . Gins is right but I'm afraid once you've handled a baby bird the parents tend to reject it so it isn't looking good for the little fellah .

My cat has found a rat's nest so we've been treated to a whole family of baby rats this week ( 5 so far ) , 3 dead and 2 live which he keeps trying to bring in to the kitchen to play with. I've now locked his cat flap during the day and at night he has 2 choices , stay in or go out ! I don't fancy waking up to the squeals of baby rats !


I'm cross then paradise because both the RSPB and RSPCA told me off for rescuing a baby blue tit from my cat last time , they told me now I'd handled it the parents would abandon it . I felt really bad about that !


have put it back outside hope tracka cat doesmt fimd it again lol


she wont co operate i tried..


Oh fadedblossom what a time you are having, there is no doubt that our cats bring hours of entertainment lol


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