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My youngest daughter who is 19 came hoe from work last night she had been to Asda and bought me one of those pink flxi holders they are like a rubber bucket with all sorts of uses thats odd you may think but bless her heart she had filled it with a cardigan/bra/prawn sals/coleslaw/3 xfruit juices/chocolats/carrot cake/deep heat /bath foam/lemon bath scrub/liqurice/fruit pastilles /body spray

i just cried i could not believe it how kind and thoughtful to do that i am a very very lucky lady i have got 2 of the kindest daughters they make me so very proud although they both saw ther dads i brought them both up on my own and am very proud of them they have never ever bought home any trouble

i am very lucky i just gotta get better now hopefully will be back soon i have read soe of the blogs on here so keeping up with stuff just not got the energy to answer them sorry

love to you all and look after each other love diddle x

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How sweet, what a lovely kind thing to do, must take after her kind mummy. Rest up, enjoy your treats and hope you are feeling brighter soon. Lou x


thankyou am trying to get well i dont do ill very well i am never ill but when i am i get it big time and it knocks me out for days but feeling alot better than i was earlier but not going to go mad and get ill again cant wait to get to see gp she will sort me out yes gort some lovely treats bless her heart love to you xxx diddle x


thats lovely :)

hope you get well soon diddle xxxx


how sweet , get well soon xxxx


What a wonderfully eclectic concoction of gifts! How lovely of your daughter! xxxx


What a lovely suprise for you Diddle. I am sure that would have lifted your spirits. Hope you are feeling a little better.

Soft hugs

Sue x x


How lovely, enjoy your gifts.

Hope you feel better soon, I often read your posts and they often cheer me up!

Lots of love and hugs

Sharon xx


Sounds like a real treat Diddle, what did you go for first? Bets on the carrot cake!!.



yep too right carrot cake gone/prawn salad gone/ pastilles open/liquorice open/friut juice being drunk as i type/ice cream had quarter my favourite one ascaponi and pistachio yummy the carte dor range having bath in bit with the lemon body scrub hen curling up on sofa also got some pringle and pop corn keep opening cuboards and finding stuff bless her

love to you diddle x


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