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Morning All

So sore today when havein

a shower yesterday the water went ice cold on me after putting the shampoo on my hair. As i went to get out slipped falling out of the shower hitting my shoulder ,arm and knee on the toilet. Shouterd ---- a word i carn't repeat,lol One of my daughter's had just come and came running up as she had just call in, I think it shuck her up as much as me bless her. After i had to climed in the bath to rinse my hair and body. when i got out she said i should wait till someones their before getting a shower as have fell a few times tryed to explain i carnt expect them to be here 24\7 when my hubs at work its not fair on them and as i have to keep as much independece as i can and that i am ok and if i was haveing one off my bad days i would wait or call them dose anyone now how what else can i say to stop her worrying andhas enogh todo. but with haveing thee chest infeection i hadd been sweating all night an needeed a shower and felt ok . but today got a bit of a lump on my arm and sore all over .I think my computors anven a day like me yeesterday its allover the place. LOL Hope you all have a good day,xxx

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Have done it myself, a know a long term solution but you have thought of having a shower fitted. Have not fallen in bathroom since. Hope you feel better soonx


Hi fibro 10 i believe their are chairs that can be used in showers probably findthem in disability aids. Sorry about your fall i know it can be painful and shake you up a bit, sounds like you hav e a lovely daughter,

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Sorry to hear you have been in the wars I congratulate you on only using one naughty word I have been known to swear like a navvy in a similar situation sometimes coming out with words I didn't know I knew. Yes I think a walk in shower would be the answer or even a wet room. We are hoping to move and that is a priority for me as I have had a few slips lately or have banged my knee or foot trying to get out of the bath after a shower as ours is over the bath as my legs are so stiff.

You could perhaps ask your daughter just to come for a short period each day at an agreed time so that is when you do the more "dangerous" bits like showering. If it wasn't for the sweaty feeling you have after a bad night I would say to have your shower whilst your husband was there at night as it is rather nice to go to bed all warm and glowing from the shower and clean. I tend now to assess how I feel and wash my hair and shower whenever I have plenty of time so I don;t try rushing and when I am feeli ng at my best. I then dry my body and sit with a towel around my head absorbing the moisture for a bit so I am having a rest before attempting to style the old barnet.

Hope the lumps and bumps heal


Thanks all for yourn replys still a bit sore but all in one piace.but pain killers helping I have seen them stools my daughters have told me about them, My family are very good its just i dont like putting on them or any one , As they call me a stubbin so an so . but i cart help it . Hope your all well xxx


Hi fibro10

I am so sorry to read of your fall, and I sincerely hope that you are on the mend soon. I have done this myself on two occasions, and so I understand how disturbing it is. I do not think that you can ever explain things like this to somebody who loves you as all they can think about is your well-being? Bless her!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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