I got a reply from my local MP

It took time but I got it. She says she is sorry that I have found myself in such an unfortunate set of circumstances as a result of legislative changes to Incapacity benefits. And I should rest assured that she has brought my concerns to the attention of Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care Services and Lord Freud. Paliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work & Pensions. I feel quite good about this and although it is too late for me as I claim other benefits for now, it gives a glimmer of hope for others in this predicament. In my letter to her I mentioned that as of 21st June is was stated that the government recognised fibromyalgia as a potentially disabling illness and I questioned her stance on the matter considering what is happening to such sufferers. I am not starting a slanging match here in any way and I have no wish for it to turn into such either as it does mention politics etc. But what I am hoping is that members will seriously think about contacting their MP(for their chosen party) and ask them what their stance is and remind them of the supposed recognition by the gvernment. State your case in the fact of how many years it is since you were diagnosed and how it effects you and how we as sufferers are treated at the hands of the DWP and ATOS. Maybe if enough of us do it and we have MPs bringing it up with the powers that be we just may be able to make them aware of how wrong it all is. Should this need to be removed I fully understand xxxxx(she says she will write to me again when she recieves a response)

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  • great letter and, not attacking any 1 party, it should be ok.

    I tried on another matter asking mine, he sent it to the relevant minister and I got a copy of a press statement.


  • well done, i will give it a go and let you know the outcome tc soma x

  • i got my mp involved but i dont think he did much,only ever spoke to his secretary! i was turned down even with an apology from ATOS,letters from my doctor and my mental health nurse,letter from my family ect..got statement of reasons from tribunal judge,and found that they were not all together truthfull! and used words that put me in a bad light eg.using one word out of a sentence,so i am going to have to start from scratch again,im seeing someone from CAB after xmas to look through the judges report,but i wont hold my breath! one thing is for sure i will be more informed this time,i will win !!! xxxx

  • I am on my third appeal. I mentioned that fibro was accepted now and still i was turned down for DLA. I am housebound now as I lost my car so the thought of not being able to go out and being stuck inside my flat. Well deep darkness is in front of my eyes.

  • The beauty of it is is that they have to bring it to the attention of others so I am hoping just by emailing her I have triggered some sort of warranted raction. Iwas discussing all this with my hubby today about how wrong it all is. We can only try xxxxx

  • Well done you for standing up for us all. It's hard and a long road. Thank you xxx

  • If we all stand up for each other eventually people will have to listen, we cannoot just be fobbed off like this, cast aside like rotten rubbish xxxxx

  • So true Hun xx

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