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sore but not through sitting in the sun.


Hi all, I haven't been able to sit in the sun like I used to. I have done a little gardening but been in the shade. dine half hours at a time in the garden. rests in between. I don't know if it's the nerve endings again but since I have been out in this weather, I feel everywhere is sore. I have an immflamation rate if 72 which still hasn't had a reason why. this feeling I am having is everywhere, arms , legs, back, head. all over. does the sun affect us in this way. also could anyone she'd any light on the high immflamation rate as my g.p. said it's not to do with fibro. I haven't been in the garden today. hard to explain how this soreness feels bit it's even on my face but no redness or rashes. xx

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I would go back to your GP and mention PMR again your not too young to have it

only way to know for sure is a short course of Prednisolone 15mg for a week and you would know for certain .

Do pain relief help at all?

no. I only use paracetamol. tried strong ones like tramadol but do nothing. what's p.m.r. xx


Its Polymyalgia Rheumatica

I know at one point your GP suspected it but due to your age thought it was not possible. However it is possible and the only way to find out is try steroids and see what happens .

I was on steroids for a start when I was first diagnosed with what rheumy thought was lupus. since then, been told fibromialgia. I struggle to describe how my skin feels st the moment. just feel weird. always been a sun worshipper but something doesn't feel right in my skin. sore/prickly, I don't know how to describe to be honest. my left leg is playing up too. don't know why but it gets me off balance. xx

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