Sore bum from sitting!

Hello, this has been bothering me for several days or more. I know I'm very sedentary but now it hurts to have any pressure on my left buttock in particular - I have sent off for a special cushion but am wondering if I need a special chair too. I just can't feel relief when I am sitting and yet I can't do anything else. I have a cushion underneath my bum as I sit on my computer chair at the moment but it's providing little relief.

Anyone else have this and what is your solution?

Thanks x

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  • Have you checked to see if you have an open sore or is it more inside .What I do because I too sit a lot and I get sore I lie on side the sore buttock is not with a hot water bottle iits so nice .i think you should see the dr .x

  • Hi Matrix. No, I've not got an open sore. I was worried about that although I do have small pimples but think I've always had them! But can't tell whether sore is from pressing on them or my skin or coming from more inside. Seems to be more outside. I can get more comfy lying as you say by lying on side and yes I can't do without my hot water bottle! I am due to see doctor anyway next week so will mention it x

  • Its a nightmare ,good idea to mention to dr as you don't want an open sore ..Let us know how you get on a.ll the best .xx

  • Thanks Matrix. Will do xx

  • You're welcome foggy x😇

  • Sciatic nerve on that side? (i get that a lot). Does it deviate or in exactly the same place? xx

  • Hey tulip ,I have that on sciatic side although I don't have sciatica ,it's the big muscle in the bottom that's affected . Xx

  • Mine could be the big muscle, Matrix. A friend suggested that to me. It's a sort of soreness rather than agonising pain that people get with sciatica xx

  • I have had both and it's the muscle in the bottom and if you sit a lot like us it does get very sore .Its good to keep getting up and moving we all know that,but if you're hurting every where it's easier to sit ,it's just a vicious circle .xx

  • That's so true, Matrix. Anyway, my modular foam cushion has just arrived. The thing is I am now too high in my chair which won't get any lower! So my bum feels as if it would be more comfortable (I will have to see later on how much) but not sure it will be too good for my back! xx

  • Let me know how you get on and if it works I can buy one .xx

  • Will do, Matrix. Not sure it it's feeling any different so far, but need to give it time, I guess! xx

  • Hi tulips, I don't think it's the sciatic nerve. That's very painful rather than sore. It's a different sort of feeling and hard to describe but I may be wrong xx

  • Hard to make sense of these things. I'm constantly looking for answers. Not that it changes anything much, but still a need to know. :) xx

  • Yes, very hard. Best wishes, Tulips! xx

  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    I'm sure it's not this, but I had pain in that area and it was finally diagnosed as a pudendal nerve problem. So it's not just the sciatic nerve which can cause pain in the bum!

    I've been given Lyrica, and that helps a lot and seems to reduce my fibromyalgia pains as well. Hope you are feeling better!

  • Thanks Sparkler. I'm glad you found something to help your pain. I went to the doctors today and she thinks it's a follicular problem which I think is a posh name for spots! But sitting is pressing against them so she has prescribed me with a special lotion for that area so we will see. Take care x

  • Hello, have you tried a gel cushion pad?

    You can get them fairly inexpensively from Amazon, they are foam and gel combined.


  • Thanks Bluebell. I have sent off for a special cushion from Care Shop. It looked like a memory cushion. Not sure if it's got gel but it was recommended for people sitting in wheelchairs too. X

  • Hi delicious. Not sure if it's rocks. But an uncomfortable pressure like soreness is the only way I can describe it. I am aware of the discomfort. I do need to keep getting up from the chair or move position. No, I've not tried a TENS machine, I must think about that. Thanks :)

  • That's interesting about the Vit B12 and Vit D. I am taking extra Vit D but not extra B12. maybe I should think about that. A friend of mine has just started Vit B12 injections and is having a terrible time as her body adjusts. It's making her really ill :(

  • Hi delicious, she is allergic to the injections I think and they've made her very sick. We are communicating by answerphone a lot at moment. xxx

  • Yes, she is under the GPs care

  • Hi FoggyMoggy, I have this too. For me it stems from my pelvis being 'twisted'. We can do this when carrying a child on one hip, or carrying heavy items and using your hips to help take the weight, and we don't help things if we stand with one leg bent and the other leg taking all the weight. A good physio will be able to tell you. For example if at the front your hip on the right side is higher than the left side, but then at the back your hip on the left side is higher than the right, then your hip is 'twisted'. They give you exercises to do.

  • Thanks feelingtired. I can't really think what could have caused the twist, recently at any rate, as I don't stand much. I am very sedentary and thinking that may have caused the problem! maybe it's that I sit in an unbalanced way without thinking about it but I am due to see my GP next week so maybe she will refer to me a physio. If not I believe I don't need a referral from GP any more. x

  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and (I know it will be embarrassing) but it may be best to ring for a district nurse to come out and have a look to ensure there are no pressure sores on your bottom?

    I have this done every week as I have pressure sores on my ankles due to my diabetes, and abscesses on my thighs. I do find it embarrassing but it is important to get them treated. However, they have not found any sores on my bottom yet! Thank God! lol! :)

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks for your kind words, Ken. I have had a member of my family look and a friend but they can't see anything! Although they might not know what to look for I'm sure a sore would show but I am seeing the GP next week.

    Best wishes

    Moggy :)

  • My pressure sores are very small red-like looking grazes. However, it is what they are like on the inside that is the problem. I get a though prodding and poking tomorrow to check mine out again. I should be use to it by now? lol Good luck my friend :)

  • Oh thanks Ken. So you can't necessarily tell what they are by looking? I they could be worse on the inside? I think I do have things on there that look like rashes or grazes or spots but then I have always had spots there, if you know what I mean. They can be itchy too.

  • I couldn't tell it was a pressure sore. My carer (who use to work in the hospital) recognised it, as I thought it was just a little bit of red skin. The district nurse came out and told me it was probably a lot bigger on the inside and they have to be careful that they do not split open. It is quite scary really if you dwell on it, but yes, they can be very itchy too. My spots (I thought were just spots?) turned out to be diabetic abscess and grew to be quite large in size. I bother about them the most as they are very painful for me.

  • Sorry to hear that, Ken. I am hoping mine aren't that, I will get them checked by my GP. I am glad that you have someone taking care of you and also that you are being monitored by the district nurse. Take care, Ken.

  • Ouch Ken I hope you are receiving very good care

  • Thanks Joyia my friend. They are checked once a week by the district nurse (mega-embarrassing), and I see my diabetic nurse every month so I am well cared for thank you :)

  • Sounds like you need a pressure cushion. Is that the special cushion you've sent for?

  • Hi Hoddi. Yes it is a special modular pressure cushion. It has just arrived today and am just trying it out. The problem it makes me high up on the chair which can't go any lower. I can still feel the soreness a bit though. But it may take time to repair.

  • Thanks. That's very useful, delicious. Yes I am trying to keep moving and I'm luckily not chair-bound but very sedentary but still can't understand what might be causing the soreness x

  • It's definitely not my coccyx. I had coccyx pain for two years back in the 90s, that was excrutiating. No, it's more of a soreness. It's very had to describe one's own sensations. I have been remedying my low Vit D but I had to fight to even get the test this year. I can refer myself to physio for free, which is maybe what my GP might suggest.

  • Hi delicious

    No, I've not had any scans but I regularly have blood tests so assuming any problems with bones would have shown up? I have a bit of osteoarthritis in the foot where I broke it a few years ago (opposite side of the body). That has been scanned.

    I am trying to look at one thing at a time and have been trying to rule out thyroid problems because my worst symptoms are debilitating fatigue and feeling cold (among many other things) plus sweats which may be menopausal too (but I get them more when I'm cold!) I have had several thyroid tests but if they come back within range they won't do anything


    I'm trying to rule out hashimotos (they only do one of the tests on NHS) and also want to rule out Cushing's too. Next thing is I'm going to get some blood tests privately and then after that a 24 hour cortisol salivary or urine test. Takes me ages to get all this sorted and not getting very far, plus trying this and that to see what helps and nothing much :(

    My Vit D is in the 40s (last time). What they do is prescribe supps D3 which I take (I have got a spray too which includes K2 which is supposed to help absorption). D3 was making me constipated so couldn't take it all the time but the sun is best :) so try and get that when I can! But I must admit that even when I take Vit D supps it doesn't make me feel better any more. I think it may be associated with Fibro (as it is with thyroid, MS etc) but not causal. It is very complex.

    Thanks for your suggestions and kind words. xxx

  • Hi Delicious, yes, I always make sure I get a print out of bloods now! My Vit D was done a couple of months ago - I know that because I had to fight to get it on NHS!

    I think my B12 levels are OK. They may not be optimal. I would need to check when last had B12 done and also what the levels were. It's hard to remember all the values - I'm not foggy moggy for nothing, lol! I have the main ones all written out somewhere on my computer, then I can't find where, haha.

    Yes, ferritin and folate checked. Again, ferritin was very low at one point. Then I was prescribed with supps and it came back within range but probably should get it checked again before long.

    The US have much better ranges for bloods, I agree. And other countries. GPs should treat symptoms and go on how we feel not what our bloods say necessarily!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend anyway :) xxx

  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    Yes, I've been suffering from this for some time now. I've invested in some coccyx cushions to try and help. I've got one for my wheelchair and one each on my armchair and computer chair. You can get various different types. Some have a hole in where the coccyx goes and some look like a cushion version of an egg box. Both are really good depending on what your issue is.

    The eggbox type are great for general bum pain (sorry for the expression) and that's what I use in the wheelchair. The ones with the hole are great if the pain is from the coccyx itself (that's the little tail bone at the end of the spine, and that's the type I use on my armchair and computer chair.

    Most mobility shops sell them, especially if they sell wheelchairs.

    Hope you find something to get some relief.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret. xxx 🤗🤗🤗

  • Thanks for your very helpful and kind words, Margaret. Ooo, coccyx pain is very painful. I have had that before and luckily it's not that, but yes, it is very helpful to make sure the coccyx has somewhere to hang and not be squished!

    Yes - bum pain explains it like no other euphemisms we care to come up with!

    My new modular pressure cushion has just arrived - it is foam and inside a vinyl cover. It is foam squares rather than eggbox, if you know what I mean. I've only just got it, but I must say, it's not quite doing what I thought. The depth of it is such that I'm too high on my computer chair which won't go any lower so it's putting a strain on my back and the soreness is still there, although maybe that will take a while to be relieved.

    Best wishes and thanks

    Moggy xx

  • It's not so much it's making it worse, delicious, just not sure if it's made a lot of difference, but I will persevere a bit longer x

  • No, I've not got a footrest but it would have to be a very low one. In fact I could just put a book there maybe :)

    Yes I can move around. I'm lucky that I'm not chair-bound just very sedentary. I move about eg to make a drink, go to the loo etc. Also because of sweats keep needing to change my clothes which involves a bit of aerobics! ;)

    Thanks for your helpful suggestions x

  • Try standing and pull your checks tight then relax and so on. This helps me

  • Thanks - I will try doing that more

  • No great answers, my other half recently passed, cancer, he had foam ring it helped.

  • Thanks. Very sorry to hear about your other half. x

  • Good luck and tyvm

  • Thanks - you take care (((hugs))) x

  • Yes I do! I'm so glad someone else has this too! Not glad you have it but I'm not alone. Whenever it happens, usually at work, I either go for a wander or get more invested in work to help take my mind away from it for a bit. Or take another Tramadol.

  • Well its more of an achy muscle pain. Is that what you mean? I clearly have not read the comments 😶

  • More soreness, is how it feels

  • I know what you mean, Rachel! About not wanting to be alone with something! Yes I am trying to take my mind off it as much as possible. Glad that you have some strategies to deal with yours :)

  • Hi Foggymoggy. I try to get up for a short walk (only round the house or up the garden) about once an hour, otherwise I get "set". Also have you got your computer work station set properly for you? If your feet are not touching the ground with your cushion in your chair, it will bring discomfort to your thighs/bum as they are taking weight unsupported. A footrest might help if this is the case. You should be able to google info about setting up your work station correctly. Hope this helps, gentle hugs!

  • Thanks for your kind words, Jools. Yes I do try and get up and move around as much as I can. I have been trying to pay attention to my work station. I went to the doctor's today and she didn't think it was pressure sores but some follicular problem and maybe sitting is pressing against this. She has given me some special preparation to wash in rather than what I usually use. (((hugs))). Moggy x

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