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Did anyone read the readers letters in the sun dated 17/04/14 ?

Well ive had another letter printed in the sun , what it says briefly , how can this government look at disabled facilities in sports grounds , when they have targeted the genuine disabled shockingly , if we all wrote letters to our MPs , newspapers even sites like this , then maybe someone in this evil government might get wise , and may I wish everyone a happy easter .

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Vixen thank you


My apology gins I'll delete that


Hi Jeff1958

I did not realise The Sun actually printed readers letters so I am doubly impressed, firstly that they print a readers letter and secondly that it was from someone with something real to say.

Without my dig at The Sun I am so pleased that you have had your letter printed as you have raised a really valid point and hopefully they will take up the baton (pun intended) and who how ludicrous it is for them to behave in such a way, they are making extensive cuts to the welfare of the sick and disabled and then 'look' at disabled facilities, the way they are going is that there will be no sick and disabled as they will have exterminated us all.

And I also would like to wish everyone a happy Easter.

Take care and kindest regards


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I never realised anybody who worked for The Sun could actually read a letter?


Thanks for that Jeff1958

I must admit that I never read the sun newspaper, however, I did not know either that they had a letters page? I can really imagine with a circulation like they have getting a letter printed would be very difficult? So congratulations are in order for your success.

Take care


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