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I love looking at the snow , but my pain levels are through the roof !

I know the snow looks pretty, but I haven't gone out in it, I have just turned the heating up and while sitting I have a blanket over me. I am sure if I was to go out I would fall, my balance is soo bad I fall without the ice!!!

But the pain in my leg/ hip and in my hands/ fingers are the worst I can remember . I take MST, and Oramorph for break through pain. I am having to take the Oramorph every four hours and this only dulls the pain, it doesn't take it away. My left leg is the worst and i can barely walk around the house without being in tears

Has the snow affected anyone else's pain even if you haven't been out in it.

I am new to all of this, before May 2012 I was fit and well, and wouldn't even take a paracetamol . How times change.


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Hi Caroline

Sorry you are suffering at the moment. Everybody reacts differently to the weather. I for one prefer it nice and warm. If I do go out in he snow I do suffer as I tend to tighten up my muscles as I am afraid of falling, but once in the warm I am not too bad.

Are you sure your pain isn't to do with something else? It seems very severe, especially if you are in the warm. Maybe you should go back and see you doctor and explain how you feel. I know sometimes taking too many pain killers can have a detrimental affect.

Try and rest as much as you can and if it gets too much maybe ring NHS direct for some advice.

Take care.

Piggy hugs xxxxxx


Hi Caroline,

I'm sorry you're feeling so much pain, and you're wise not to go out in the cold and ice.

I am concerned that you are still in pain after having Oramorph - I doubt if it's just the cold.

I would suggest that you contact your doctor without delay and ask for an alternative medication.

Oramorph is very strong, but it's not always the strongest that's the best - you need something that suits your particular needs, and there are many combinations of drugs which might be useful.

Many people find codeine and paracetamol very good, or a mix of tramadol and paracetamol, but there are plenty more to try. Personally, I see severe pain as an emergency, so please don't be afraid to seek your doc's advice. Be persistent, and don't feel that you're a nuisance, doctors get paid very well to put up with us all!

As you say, you are comparatively new to this problem, but you will learn what suits you best, and you must never be afraid to take adequate pain relief, as it makes life so much easier.

Chin up, I'm sure things will improve before long. Now call your doctor, make a nice cuppa, and spoil yourself a bit while you are waiting!

Love and best wishes ...Moffy x


Very good advice from Piggie and Moffy.

If you are taking Oromorph Caroline to no effect then it isn't the right medication for you Caroline.

Please see your GP when you can to discuss your meds and their lack of effect on your pain. It sounds like the matter needs delving a little deeper with possibly a referral and examination needed to fully assess your symptoms and your pain.

If you don't get any joy from your current GP, try to see another Doctor at your surgery and see how you get on. Clearly something needs to be done to help you as soon as possible.

Please try to make an appointment and please let us know how you get on. We are all here for you and can understand how you feel.

I hope you feel much better very soon. (((hug))) xxx



Unfortunately I can't tolerate oromorph and had to take myself off to bed in tears of pain and self pity through the new year. Went to GPS on Thursday seems my aethritis has now lodged in my neck.. I have been on steroids for 3 days and already I can feel a slight improvement in the pain level, please as soon as possible see your GP he might be able to offer something else even short term to relieve the pain...

Fingers crossed

VG x



Thank you all for your kind words.

I have already been on codeine with paracetamol , and I have tried tramadol for the pain but both worked to start with but as time has gone on the pain has become more severe and wide spread around my both. I can remember back to just complaining of a sore hip!

It was my rheumatologist,who put me onto the MST and Oramorph combination when he saw me as he acknowledged that I was in severe pain even through I had take tramadol and he said to take the morphine, while we for wait the results of MRI of my hip and lower back ,as he seems to thinks I have a problem with the nerves in the base of my back as my reflexes are too good!! along with what he thinks will end up being fibromyalgia . It does seem to me most people have several things wrong with them.

As for speaking to my GP all he will do is up the MST again, but he is sending me to a Pain Clinic for help as well. I don't think I have a low pain threshold, as have had painful things before ( broken bones i walked on a broken foot for two weeks, and having children etc )

I do find that the Oramorph does stop the pains in my hands and fingers and dulls the pain in other parts of me down to a level I can cope with. But it is the pain in my hips, mainly the left nothing seems to work anymore.

I am unable to speak to my GP till Monday but i will ring him then.

I know I am a problem to give me pain medicines as I have bad asthma so can not take any an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ,(believe me I have tried and ending up in A&E everytime with asthma attacks). Also I can't take aspirin or such like tablets as they make me stomach bleed

I just thought pain was just part of this condition and I would have to learn to live with it.

I have however taken your advice and sat myself down with my leg slightly raised with a cup of coffee with the view to watching some telly or going on the iPad and do nothing else till my daughter comes home later on this afternoon. I am so lucky she is my angel.

Again many thanks for your kind words and also letting me know that this amount of pain is not normal in fibromyalgia as I thought it was.

Thank you

Caroline xxx


Hi Caroline

I had terrible pain in my hip years ago after a fall, I even had injections in it as they thought I had bursitis ( inflammation of the bursa sack around the hip) it actually turned out to be referred pain from a back injury so that could well be your problem. Have they looked into bursitis too? That can be incredibly painful.

Piggy hugs xxxxx



Thank ou for replying.

Yes my GP put the pain down to bursitis too, but I think because the pain has been there since last may / June and is now in both hips and pains in other joints he not so sure now which is why he has sent me to the reheumatologist. Hopefully once the MRI is back it will show if I do have hip bursitis for once and all. At least if it is that there is some hope of treatment.

Fingers crossed ,

Caroline xxx


Ah caroline I can fully understand where you are coming from my pain level has gone through the roof in this cold weather and don't think I have moved from the sofa and my blankets for a week now - as well as my pain it is the very bad soreness in every muscle that I could scream with I can't bear to be touched my legs are horrific at the moment - been through every med possible but must say I have never heard of oramorph must mention it to my gp I am going to see her again this week and hope she gives me a sicknote I lost my business in 2010 and work online from home now but I've never had time off sick since 1990 but really can't go on at the moment but I will be soooooo embarassed at having to ask for sick note but really gp never even asks do I work and has never offered me sick note I sometimes think they live on different planet - the cold is quite horrific for my pain level at the moment so you are not alone ............ I only saw a rheumatologist once who diagnosed fibromyalgia gave me a leaflet and that was that !!! Been on every med possible accupuncture 6months pain management course you name it and can say nothing has helped !! Do think we need to keep going to the gp though otherwise they will think we are better ha ha _- I wish !! Take care x x x x


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