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Newbie: Bloating - anyone else in the same boat?


Hi everyone. It's my first time posting but I've been reading your posts for several years now. I was diagnosed last October by a lovely Rheumy after several years of being fobbed off. I am on amitriptyline and meloxicam which are working well and along with great support from my lovely husband, understanding boss, oldest friend who has fibro too and some colleagues who care for someone at home with fibro, all in the garden is rosy. But biggest problem is stomach bloating and pain across my lower back. I know that I can't eat bread as the yeast seems to be a problem but the bloating is becoming more frequent and it's so painful. I've decided to take action and that today is the first day of the rest of my life so I've started a food diary (I've been very healthy so far but it's early days) but I wondered if any of you suffer from bloating as I'm starting to wonder if it's something more sinister. Thanks in advance.

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I’m going through a terrible time with bloating feeling sick nothing helps constipation achy bladder nothing helps so I can’t really help but I can sympathise and tell you I’m here for you and if you find anything that helps please let me know 😘🤗🦋😇

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Thanks everyone for your kind replies. it seems there are quite a few of us in the same boat. I'll definitely give the peppermint oil capsules a go and see that the food diary reveals. Happy days!

Keeping a food diary is a good idea as it should identify any foods that may be causing it. I had same problem and I realised mine was due to the artificial sweeteners I was taking as a substitute for sugar. Bloating and back pain can also be a symptom of IBS which is common amongst fibro sufferers. However we have to be mindful that not everything can be attributed to fibro so if it continues and/or you have concerns then it would be best to get it checked out by your GP. x

have you ever been looked at for ibs ?, colpermine is good for my bloating, or maybe an over the counter medicine might help for now

Hi Beckster22 😊🌸🌿🦋

Welcome to the group. do I ever BLOAT!!!

I look like a blimp some days and feel like it too.

I wish you success with your food diary and bloat free future.

Take care. 😊🌸🌿😊🤗💗😢

I really feel for you, being a female and bloating is just awful. The pregnancy comments etc I’m now used too. I was eventually referred to a dietitian by my gp as it was really getting me down. She helped with not just writing down what you ate but how you felt afterwards. Loads of paper information on hard to digest fruit n vegetables etc.

I remember juicing for a month in the early days , I felt great initially but it’s not an healthy way to live.

Initially it was wheat with me then lactose and certain fruits n vegetables

I find if I’m not strict and eat small portions I still bloat 😞

There are pages of information on the internet listing which foods are hard to digest.

Goodluck working out what foods don’t suit you and ask for a dietitian referral if you need to. 💕💕

I suffer from bloating as well. I think mine is due Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I don't have an appetite either. I would recommend that you see a doctor so they can rule out anything more sinster.

I have bloating to and constipation, I have been diagnosed with IBS it’s part of the fibro, I can’t eat eggs, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mayonnaise. My gp prescribed me peppermint oil tablets to take before food and buscapan. It did take me a long time to work out what foods set it off, the medication helps but I still get flare ups of it, it is so painful and I look like about 6 months pregnant ( so embarrassing ) stress also sets it off. I have had an endoscopy to make sure was was nothing synester going on and that came back fine.definately go and see your GP. I was prescribed some other medication from the hospital for it, but the side effects were worse than the IBS. Hope you get it sorted soon xx

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