The sun is out and I feel sooo much better X

Hi guys and gals just wondering if any of you are affected in the same way I am by the dreaded weather? I do find it that once the suns out I feel a lot more alive and much better in my pain levels and my depression. I feel like I can drag myself out of bed and go and sit in my garden instead. My joints don't hurt as much. I hope this is the case for lots of others in pain and may the sun continue to shine so we can all feel a little better. 🌞🌞🌞🌞

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  • Yes definitely, perhaps it's to do with the Vitamn D that we all need lots of for fibro,  the more sun the better for me 🌞☀️

  • Yes definitely.  Although with me it's more a case of dry weather makes me feel better - damp weather makes my joints ache.  Also I've found if the barometric air pressure goes up I feel better.  

  • Yes, I find myself smiling more, but Ive also been taking  a supplement from Juice Plus it helps with fatigue gives u more energy helps skin nails hair just about everything and I feel stronger in my mind and outlook for the future. So good luck to you and to continued good weather xx

  • Glad the sun is shining..seems all are feeling better.Have a nice day.Peck☺

  • Hi

    It does lift the spirits.

    Like you I've enjoyed sitting in my garden, listening to the birds and enjoying the sunshine. Hope it lasts 👍😊

    Best wishes.

  • Hi Julesq27

    Just the thought of sitting out in the garden is enough to lift my spirits! Take care my friend and enjoy the sun.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Thank you Ken and you too. I love my garden I think I would feel even more imprisoned if I didn't have any outdoor space 😂

  • :)

  • I think there are 3 things.

    1 sunshine lifts the spirits anyway

    2 vitamin D Mine's always low even though I spend a lot of time outside

    3 air pressure. This seems a common theme - also with people who have arthritis and rheumatism

  • Definitely the vitamin D - natural source = sunshine. Now it's gone, I'm back to wanting to hibernate. The pain is back tenfold and my memory is become like a sieve... I go to the fridge to get a pan to heat some soup up in and forget why I struggled all the way up the stairs to get what?! Not that I'm that much saner in Summer but lying in the sunshine makes me remember the good old days before all this.

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