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Alternative medicine


I have been researching fibromyalgia on the internet and there are a lot of alternative meds and supplements recommended. They are not cheap so would appreciate knowing if anyone has tried ant and what the outcome was. Some of them are:

Green mussels extract, vitamin D, omega 3, flaxseed oil, Magnesium citrate.

Any help would be Appreciated. I also worry about interaction with prescription pain killer drugs,

Most of the alternatives listed are anti inflammatory. The only real relief from pain I’ve had was when I was taking dicloflex which is an anti inflammatory, unfortunately I had to come off it because it sent my liver into a frenzy and now both my rhumatologist and go will not prescribe anti inflammatory for me.

Thank you in advance,

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You are so right about alternatives costing a lot esp. from a famous High St store! in the past I have been advised and past this on to others_ only take extra vits & minerals after your gp has taken bloods for any deficiency, you can overdose on these if your body is not deficient! I have 2 B12 injections a years advised by rheumo doc, these help with energy levels.. High St shops make a fortune from sufferers like us, their products are only a very small percentage of the named substance the rest are additives are placebo, these can cause side effects, air caution when buying these things, they will cost you dearly and provide very little effect.. a gp will give you high dose vits if you need them or iron supplements.

If just posted about taking cbd/cbda oil and I can't believe it has actually helped me...also hemp balm for joints ( pardon the pun) is so helpful but not keen on the smell xx

I do take a multivitamin tablet,vitamin D and Coenzyme Q 10 tablets but have found other supplements like mushroom extract and turmeric just upset my IBS. Very difficult if you can't take an anti-inflammatory and we do have to be careful as some supplements do have an adverse effect when taken with prescription meds so I have always asked my go first.x

Since I quit taking all prescribed antibiotics medications and wenu

You would be better getting your vitamins from food but do take vitamin D as a supplement as no-one can get enough vit D from food.

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