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Medicine. Help again please.

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I have asked before I think, but if you don't mind could you all tell me what medicines your doctors have put you on. I have had fibro for 14 years and only been offered amitrirtyline which I eventually came off months ago, but since then, he has only offered me anti depressants (Prozac) and I won't go on them, he said there is nothing else he can offer me, I would like to go to him with list of medicine I could go on, my fibro is getting worse, I'm 50

12 Replies
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It is all according to which fibro symptoms are the worse for you. I have pregablin for the neuropathic pain which in my case is a shooting and a burning sensation and a terrible gnawing in my back and sometimes extremities. I am also on Butrans patches and Ibuprophen and paractemol for the pain but I can;t say that they particularly help all that well just better than nothing. I will be attending the Pain Clinic on Monday for electronic acupuncture which does help with the back pain but unfortunately the NHS in our area only offers that every 4 months which isn't enough. I am hoping that they can come up with something else I can try. I was on DHC Continus for the pain but that again only helped to a degree. I thought the Butrans patches were better as at least they didn;t give me constipation like the DHC Continus but I realised that it must have been the hot weather that was the help as as soon as it cooled down all the old symptoms came back with a vengence. I do find when i have a flare that an Epsom salts bath helps. I sincerely hope that you find something that can help youx

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I`m on venlafaxine for depression and have been for the last 16 years but it took time to get that right but each person is different xx

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Hi littlejan, I'm on amitriptyline, 50mgs at night to help me sleep,, and for the pain I'm on pregabalin and co codamol. I've also just been prescribed ibufren gel, Phorpain. It takes a while to sort out your meds, and I hope you get something more than prozac! Gentle hugs, Julie x

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I am on Sevilla and venlafaxine for depression it still doesn't stop the pain I have been on pregablin, cymbalta, hydrocodone, fentanyl patch,Gabapentin, butrans, Tramadol, and klonapin and trazodone for sleep and nothing works for the pain and I still only sleep 2 to 3 hrs. max.

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Hi littlejan

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today. I am so sorry to read that you are not getting the necessary and appropriate medications from your GP, and I was wondering if there was a different GP at your surgery that you could discuss your situation with?

I have pasted a list of all my medications below, I am on quite a lot but I have other medical conditions such as Asthma, COPD, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Migraines and Sciatic Nerve Damage just to mention the main ones! Plus I no longer have a Coccyx!

Alendronic Acid Tablets – 70 mg Tablets. One to be taken weekly

Accrete D3 Tablets – Calcium / Colecalciferol tablets. One to be taken twice daily

Lansoprazole Tablets – 30mg tablets. One to be taken daily

Prednisolone Tablets – 5 mg tablets. 10 mg to be taken daily

Ventolin Inhaler – 100 micrograms evohaler. Two inhalations to be taken as and when required

Atrevent Inhaler – 20 micrograms inhaler. Two inhalations to be taken four times a day

Symbicort Turbohaler – 200/6 inhalation powder. Four inhalations to be taken twice daily

Ranitadine Tablets – 150 mg tablets. One to be taken twice daily

Solpadol 30mg/500mg Tablets – 30/500mg tablets. Two to be taken four times a day as and when required

Metoclopramide Tablets – 10 mg tablets. One to be taken three times a day as and when required

Fenbid Gel – Ibuprofen 5% Gel. Apply up to three times daily

Nortripyline Tablets – 25 mg tablets. Two to be taken at night

Sumatriptam 50mg Tablets – One to be taken when needed. No more than 6 tablets in 24 hours

I genuinely hope that you can find a really good GP and ascertain some really satisfactory and meaningful medications that work well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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I don't have a regular prescribed medication. But have cocodamol & naproxen ready for bad flare days.

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Hi I have cocodamol 30/500 for pain , citalopram 40mg for depression, topiramate 25mg x 4 at night for migraines and to help to sleep they really help with migraines but not very good with sleep I drift off lovely but wake about 4am, I am on Gabapentin 3 x a day which help with pins and needles and that's it it dosnt do any thing else I to have got to see the doctor lol

Lots of gentle cuddles


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sorry it's so bad for you, I've just woken up and I'm weepy with pain, rotten illness.

I take 150 mg slow release Tramadol at night, or I used to, I had been trying to cut back but I think I need to be sensible and take it again. I just felt I've been taking it so long it wasn't working as well.

It was good though at night because we really do need our sleep.

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Hi,im on anitriptyline,tramadol with paracetamol and quinine for when i get cramps in my legs.....these drugs help a bit but im never without pain but i couldnt manage without them,i wasnt big on taking a lot of drugs but i feel iv no choice now....hope you get some relief...sending hugs xx

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Honey, you need to ask to be sent to a pain clinic. It's not as if this goes away. I take Opana ER 10mg. Hope you get the help you need and someone will relief your suffering!!! xxx Mitzi

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i suffer from fibro,chronic painsyndrome,hypermobility,irritable bowei,osteoarthritis,cervical spondylosis,high bloodpressure &depression i take mebeverine 135mg one three times a day,lisinopril 5mg one daily,omeprazole20mg gastro-resistant two daily,paracetomol,pregnabalin 300mg twice a day,tramadol 50 mg one three times a day,trazadone 50mg 2 at night,amytriplyine 10mg one at night,fluoxetine 20mg one in morn,gabapentin300mg 2 a day,ibruprofen 400mg one 3 times a day,calcichew.

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Hi there.. I would be tempted to visit another GP... or print out the list of medicines and treatments talked about on NHS Choices.. which I think has got better over time. It used to be a little vague but is now much clearer. I have found Gapatentin helpful.. but know others find Pregabalin better... I also have a variety of meds that I use to try and manage the various symptoms that joint pain et etc... My advice is to find a doctor who is willing to listen. I am also lucky because I am under the National Neurological Pain Management Team who have put me on a home treatment that I take 2/3 weekly... which is an anaesthetic used in surgery that helps to numb the nerve endings... help is out there... I was on a waiting list for a long time but have had this for about 12 years now.. and seems a long time ago.. keep going back!

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