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Any one know any good drugs to get me through the day?

Currently I take antidepressants, magnesium, vitamins, regular acupressure and acupuncture, yoga, 2 co-codamol at night and as much codeine as I can take through the day without getting too tired.

Is there anything else someone can recommend that isn't too tiring but will let me do my schoolwork/ go to school/ have a life?

I've heard good things about gabapentin and tramadol but my doctors are REALLY against giving me any sort of painkiller. took ages to get the codeine - after years of barely managing pain (since I was 13).

I'm now 17 almost 18 and feeling more positive about my future but looking at failing my finals if I cant manage my pain somehow. the pain is predominantly in my shoulders, lower back (where I have an unresolved fracture), sciatica, hips, knees and hands.

This sucks so bad and I don't know what else to try

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Hi there nice to meet you, sorry your struggling with this illness at such a young age. Many understand as they too started been poorly when they were young too myself included. That was many moons ago now lol

If your GP is reluctant to offer you anything more than he/she already do I'm not sure how they will change their mind to be honest.

Doctors are now looking to cut back on strong pain med or not prescribe at all in some cases. I can understand why your GP would be reluctant to prescribe such heavy duty pain meds given your young age of 17.

I myself am unable to take any medication so can truly empathise with your struggle to deal with pain. All I can suggest is maybe talk it over with another GP in your surgery and see if they can offer any further help. I wish you luck ((hugs))



1 pregablin 2 dyhydracodine 1 naproxen


I’m finding Tramadol helps me, but after being on them for a year I find that they are not strong enough! But don’t want to take higher dose in case it affects my day to day life. I tried pregabilin, but stopped after. A month as I began to put on weight and as Iwas following WW it made me unhappy.

Hint you should read up on painkillers and their risks to see what you are prepared to live with, then impress your doctor with your knowledge and ask his/her view. Ask the reason he thinks you shouldn’t have them and think over what he says.

How long have you been diagnosed with Fybro? Try asking about referral toa pain clinic. Hope this helps.


I'm so sorry you're struggling, especially as you're so young. I take nortriptyline at night which helps with pain relief & sleep, I also take slow release tramadol & I find 1 tramadol with 1 paracetamol helps more than 2 tramadol, apparently the paracetamol enhances the action of the tramadol. All the best.


Swimming, sauna, yoga,red bull, amitriptyline, hydrocodine, co-codamol, BUT for yourself i suggest giving theses a go --- Ralvo medicated plasters, curcumin ( extract from Turmeric ) capsules and Feroglobin liquid. Bathe in Epsom salt. 🛀🌕. keep a food diary for just one week. Reflect!


Could they not give you some short term pain relief just so that you can get through your exams. It sounds so one of the others said try and see a different GP and hopefully the outcome will be better for you. Good luck x


HiErina, I'm very sorry you are suffering so much at such a young age. It kind of makes my blood boil that the doctors are not helping you get out of pain. They don't know what it is and half of them think it's a made up condition. I take Tramadol and co- codamol throughout the day, and have done now for six years. I manage my life quite well with that combination, and very rarely see the doctor, unless they drag me in for a catch up. I've given up trying to explain what Fibromyalgia feels like, but I admit if I didn't have the pain meds then I would be in trouble.

It's all about management and finding what works for you, so you don't spend your days focused on your health, but rather on having a good life instead. I hope you can find a good balance, but yes, to answer your question, Tramadol does help me.


I have tried cocodamol, but this can cause constipation. Tramadol I find most times helpful. Hot water bottles can help to ease the pain. I used to find that chiropractic helped. All the best


Dear Erina,

I hope you are coping with this constant nagging chronic pain, yes, yoga, meditation, eating healthy is good for pain reduction, however your gp is right any medication content with opiod such as tramadol, morphine seems do not work on Fibromyalgia - not only patients get addicted to it but reducing pain with that sort of medicine had been seen as little benefit but perhaps you could ask your gp to rewrite you with a new prescription which will be able to help for muscles/nerves relaxer such as anti-depression drug- I personally found that deluxitine or Mirtazapine helped me a lot - you have taken magnesium that is very good start - what about adding up with multi vitamins? drinking plenty of water each day also benefit to reduce the inflammatory in our body..however each individual have different body mechanism toward drugs..their metabolism - the drug-drug interaction are different, some one might be pleased with nortryptiline/amitriptiline but then other might not have effect at all, hence gp always try and swap each medication - shame you have it very young- but accepting the condition is best and try to managing properly..I used to work for pharmaceutical company selling medication to health care (gp and consultant) I had to obey the government guidance - where we always advise the gp/specialist for asking the patient/s to first to change their lifestyle...then if they can not recover even after changing their lifestyle they then have obligation to help the patients to manage the treatment by prescribing any medication that suitable for each patient.

Listen to your body..try to be harmony with it..if you can afford reflexology might help you relieve your just try not to be to stressful or it make it worse...


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