opinions please? Get me to the rheumatologist!

Hi everyone! I'm looking for abit of reassurance I am scared because I've had so many physical symptoms the past 3 months and wondering if anyone else has had these? My gp thinks I have fibro as I'm sad when she does touch some points. But I've been feeling worse! I can't believe you have to wait so long to see the rheumatoligist I just want to know what's wrong with me now it's been hell not knowing..,here's my long list of symptoms: It started July my right ribs felt swollen but wasn't to touch them I started to get really hot all the time and still am like my body can't regulate temperature...then I had head pains and numbness of my leg then heartburn, diarreoh, indegestion. Started getting stabbing pain in my back, hips then groin, then lower back. Stabbing pain in neck, went on citalopram had huge reaction. Body felt on fire 🔥 burning in my brain. Now I'm on setraline I'm a lot less worried but most of this symptoms have gone but now I have pain in my hand between thumb and finger still boiling hot, restless legs, body tremors, tmj, face pain, head pains, sharp pain in lower abdomen which radiates down hip, burning hands, pain in ribs, ibs, had burning eyes too and really sensitive skin, itching, pms, sides of boobs ache now and then and under arms bruising easily, scratch and itch and it kills. My knees just walking stairs. Bad cramps last night after bread My body just doesn't feel the same...I'm worried that it isn't fibro and something dreadful as the pain is not severe lately just aches and pains. I've had full blood count twice, liver test etc just got to wait for the theumatoligist now 😩😩👍🏻

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  • Hui hun- just write all these things down you have told us and take it to your appt. that will help a rheumo doc to diagnose, there are no blood tests for fibro its all decided on how you describe your pain, sorry it is a long wait on the nhs now to see rheumatologists, we live in a damp climate in UK and many people suffer with different forms of rheumatism and arthitiric pain, personally I would get in a warm bath as often as poss, maybe in the day and not at night, I also use a jacuzzi at the local swimming pool and I sit in the warm bubbles and soak. I,ve often found warm water eases pain, I also have hydrotherapy but that would be something a rheumo doc would arrange.

  • Hi. I have most of the symptoms you mention (plus a few more). I thought I was turning into a hypochondriac as there were too many. I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist early this year and although I still have these symptoms, I don’t worry about them quite as much. Just by reading the posts on here has made me realise that all these jigsaw pieces have joined together as fm. I’m still trying to come to terms with it. Hope this helps x

  • That's really good to know at first I just thought this is anxiety again then I wasn't getting any better and my body had changed so many symptoms I felt weak I was so scared never even heard of fibro..what's hard is your family think it's just in your head I've had a pretty stressful & emotional year too, traumatic pregnany & birth. I just can't wait to get a diagnosis then I can move forward if you know what I mean my son sometimes leans on me and it hurts. Can't believe how many symptoms it can give you! Hopefully I will get a letter soon fingers crossed!!

  • I can understand where your coming from it took me almost 7.5 years to get a proper diagnosis - though I susupect I have had the condition since I was in my 20s as I was diagnosed with glandualar Fever twice - any how it surprising how much of a relief it is for someone to say this is what’s wrong and to acknowledge the struggle you have been through - it was almost like someone finally completed the dot to dot puzzle of symptoms. I hope whatever happens you get some answers and it helps

  • Yes I get these plus more

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