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Has any-one been sent to a neurologist for further tests?

I was at Dr today (waited 2 weeks for appointment) Told her I feel like my body is giving up on me I have been in constant all over body pain for years. ( fibro) but getting worse, Dr did fully examine me and when she checked my reflexes and my back ( I can only sit or stand for a few minutes due to also having arthritis and a bulging disc in my lower back) she noticed that my left side is weak and not reacting to the tests. I had a list of my ailments with me, but the Dr then asked me about my bowels and bladder.I have problems with both. Bowels I have to be near a toilet at all times or I have accidents, bladder - I have problems emptying my bladder and it causes a lot of pain. The Dr worried me a bit as she said if problems with my bladder get worse then it could be due to the nerves in my lower back and it is a medical emergency and I have to call an ambulance!I also have neuropathy in my feet.lower legs and hands so she thinks it could all be connected. Has any-one else had these problems and been referred to a Neurologist?. I have seen a Neuro a few years ago and he said I had problems with my nervous system but only gave me painkillers to take. Seemingly I will need an MRI(I am claustrophobic so Dr is trying to get me referred for an open MRI scan), and I will probably have to have some tests to check the nerves in my back etc. I dont like the sound of that either.Sorry for rambling on, but would be reassuring to know if any-one else has had to have these tests done.

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I've never had these tests myself, but I've seen them done many times. Try not to worry about them, 'cos you won't be subjected to any pain, and the open scans are not claustrophobic at all. It's good that your GP is taking your symptoms seriously, so just relax and go along with it in the hope that they will be able to improve your health.

Best of luck with it all.

Moffy x


Thanks for your advice


omgoodness you sound just like me i have all those symtoms and i am waiting for appointment to see neurologist anytime soon will let you know how i get on. i have had multiple prolapsesont and rear rectal wall bladder repair and loss of anal nerve function. falling to bits3 ruptured discs in my spine and sever arthritis involintary loss of bowel function. housebound by this and exhausted had fybro for about 15 years was only diagnosesed by reumatologist 9 years ago on pain meds etc., i also have a hernia in my tummy it all sounds conected but i have no idea maybey just poor muscle control... ??? try not to worry i had ct scan and i have claustraphobia too but sang to myself all through the ct scan lol mad i know but i could hardly contain myself but imanaged by telling myself ur not going to die from this silly woman hahaha so i managed to stay in there it is more noisy than anything you will be fine us fybromites are known for their strength so warrior lady hope you feel better real soon.. gentle marshmallow hugs. xx


Oh you are a lot worse than me. Ive not had any ops and hope not to get any,but I have to always be near a toilet as get no warning and have no control. I know it sounds silly being scared of scanners but I really get the feeling Im going to die (stupid I know) Everything goes through my mind I always think the worst like wahat will happen to me if theres a power cut and I am stuck in the machine. Hopefully I will get be able to get the open scanner. Hope your appointment goes well .


So very sorry to hear about your problems. I'm under a neurologist and have to have MRI scans every year because of cyst in my brain. You can take someone with you who you really trust to sit in the MRI room with you. (Well, they let you at my hospital - National Hospital in Holborn) They can't come in the scanner with you, of course, but at least you know they're really closeby which is a comfort, I think.

Hope this helps a bit and that your appointment goes okay.



Thanks, So sorry to hear that you have a cyst on your brain.I should be ashamed of myself worrying about a scan, when I hear about people with a lot worse things to go through..I'm sure I will be fine. I'm not going to think about it now until I get the appointment through.


Hi JayJayBoy,

If you do end up having to go into the scanner, take a favourite CD

with you. I've done it twice, if you're familiar with the CD it helps

guage how the time is passing and it takes your mind off the noise

of the machine. Make sure it's not a 'shrieky' CD, my last scan

almost came to a halt because the pitch on one of the tracks was

worse than the creaks from the machine!


Thanks for the advice wobblybee


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