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Pip letter

I have a letter asking for a mandatory reconsideration on the mobility as. I've had 5 lumbar spine surgeries including one where a screw is pinching a nerve, my neck has protruding discs, I walk hunched over with crutches with my family or carer. I was initially give standard on both, I sent the appeal in the required time and had a letter saying we now have all information regarding your claim.

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You should have a decision in a few weeks. You could, if you wanted, give them a ring and ask if they have any idea how long it will take for a decision to be made. If they do happen to keep both components at standard then you can appeal it if you wish.

Good luck x


All is crossed you will have the enhanced mobility to help you .

They are picking you again in response times as summer hols are finished and most staff are back.

Healing live and light x


Fingers crossed 🤞 x


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