Letter from DWP re PIP

Had my medical for PIP almost three weeks ago so have been waiting for the dreaded brown envelope to come through the door and it arrived this morning. So I calmly made myself a cup of tea and sat down talked to the dog for a minute like you do. Then opened it sigh of relief I am not going to lose my car and I have the higher rate of the care component until December 2021 so can now breath again and relax a little. I was so sure I was going to lose it after reading everyone's experiences recently. They are quite crafty though as they wrote to me saying my Dla was going to run out in October but the PIP doesn't start until 28th December and first payment isn't until January so not sure if they are going to stop my weekly payment and make it 4 weekly which I don't like I like to know I have something coming in each week that way I know I have some money. But it is such a relief to know it's sorted.


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  • Fantastic news

  • That's great news yes you payment for pip are monthly now

  • Brilliant news. Gives us all hope. I don't understand the gap though??

    Gentle hugs Joolz.x

    edited j: Duh!!!! just read Junebee reply and now it makes sense. Thanks June. x

  • Hi Jackie

    I am so pleased that you are not going to lose your car and your independence.

    Yes, PIP payments are made monthly.

    It may be a good idea just to call the DWP and ask about the gap you're going to have just so that you know where you are.

    Lu xx

  • I am assuming that I will continue to receive the DLA until December 28th then payments will start in January for PIP as it says I will receive it from 28th December not sure why I have to wait until then if the DLA was supposed to be up in October even though I had been awarded it for life. I guess they have there rules.

  • Hi

    Awared for life it not the persons life its the life of the benefit and well done for getting it .


  • That is such good news, as you say after reading other people's experiences it does make you nervous of a result.

    If you are worried about being without payments then I would ring to clarify things.


  • Good news for you jackie4ball

    Pleased you got a good result.

    I know in this current climate re PIP and the assessments/ appeals etc that folk are having to go thru it is very worrying for sound how it will affect them .Butbit seems to ace condo thru fit you,so well done.

    Take care.



  • So pleased for you. My GP has written a fab letter to send to them to try and get my mobility back. :)

  • Great news Jackie xx

  • Thank you all for your kind words, I was so worried that I was going to lose my car although I don't use it every day it is my last bit of independence left and if it had gone I would not have been able to manage Drs or hospital appointments it's hard enough relying on people to help with many other things without having that taken away as well. Knowing that lots of people have lost theirs had made me more fearful of it especially reading some of the ridiculous things points had been deducted for.

    I just hope that it gives others hope it probably helped that my support worker came with me to my medical so was able to help fill in on what she has seen and helped me with.


  • So pleased for you it must be a weight off your mind to know you are secure for another 5 years. Yes they are so crafty in that they use some obscure "law" so they don't start Pip until 4 weeks after a decision has been made. Then they always pay it in arrears. Like you I was affected as for some obscure reason which I happily concurred to they paid my DLA every 2 weeks instead of every month and yes they have made the PIP monthlyfor me.

    OH doesn't mind as he was just glad like you that I received it and didn't have to fight like last time and we pay our bills monthly. As you quite rightly say many people like to be able to have whatever they are owed weekly as that suits how they live.

    I hated when I was at work and they changed my weekly wage to monthly as we used to use the OH's monthly wage for paying the big bills and my weekly wage for the food and general housekeeping and that worked well for us.

    I've noticed that you can't seem to get a "Short term benefit advance" for PIP but you can for things like State Pension or ESA. I will shut up now or I will get on my soap box about our strange benefit system.

    I bet the thing that thrilled you the most was knowing that by being able to keep your car you will still have your independence. I wouldn't be without my 12 year old banger. Take care, relax and enjoy.x

  • Congrats Jackie. Just had my assessment this afternoon and now for the agonizing wait. Hope you get the payments sorted soon. Helen X

  • Well done very pleased for you xxx

  • Ah bless you jackie4ball I'm really pleased for you, what a relief, good for you my friend.

    Luv Jan x

  • That is absolutely wonderful news to read my friend, well done! x :)

  • Hi there was a gap with my DLA & PIP but it just continued I had nothing to worry about

    If you are worried ring them they were very helpful when I did x

  • Aww that's super.all the stress gone so guess the dog got a huge hug.aww

  • So pleased that you got the result you hoped for and got to keep your car. Several replies refer to you being switched from weekly to monthly, just to correct it is 4 weekly payments not monthly, there are 12 months in a year but you get 13 PIP payments so the time of the payment in the month moves. Once you get past the first few months you will get used to budgeting and if you think there may be a problem with money going out on payments like standing orders or direct debits if you make an appointment to talk with your bank and take your award letter and explain they will generally grant at least a temporary overdraft facility if you need it to get you through the transition. They will of course charge you for this and if you are not sure about the costs or charges you should ask for advice.

  • Well done Jackie. I am pleased for you.

  • Well done jackie4ball. Really pleased for you. Breath and chill now. It is such a stressfull process xxx

  • Well done you xx


  • I dont see how they can leave you without any money from 0ctober to december,they should pay you until PIP is paid.

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