I made a green smoothie following a recipe using dandelion leaves, I mixed it with chopped spinach avacado, coconut water. I've never tasted anything quite so disgusting. Maybe I should have used baby leaves and less of them, it was so bitter.

If anyone has a smoothie recipe for weight loss (I'm struggling with diabetes ) loose belly fat. Please feel free to let me know.


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  • I have tried to make smoothies myself with blender, they seem to taste nothing like the shop ones, even with fruit like bananas and strawberries, not nice. Brought a nice green bottle of naked smoothie yesterday in supermarket really cheap, it tastes lovely. Think there is more to it than just mixing up ingredients.

  • I have a nutribullet, there are green smoothie powders that you can add, the only thing with shop bought processed smoothie is the sugar content can be very high

  • Hi vonny thanks for that the thing is why do you have to add a special powder. ln my mind I thought all you had to do was mix the fruit, but now it seems it is not that simple. l did know about the high sugar content, but also thought that's what happened anyway. l was more interested in the taste. x

  • Hi. You don't have to add the powder. I usually forget to.! Experiment with different fruits and veg, that's why I was asking for ideas.

  • Yes that does indeed sound yucky lol not gonna lie. I don't make smoothies that often but when I do i just make em with fruit xx

  • even when I make with fruit they do not come out right.

  • Yes sounds disgusting lol. Try substituting the coconut water for unsweetened almond milk and the dandelion leaves for some frozen berries (I get frozen mixed bag from Aldi quite cheap) you could also add in some carrot. If you mix in some Greek yoghurt as well, as this is high in protein, it will make it more filling so will stop you feeling hungry. Hope this helps. Enjoy and good luck with the weight loss x

  • Thanks for replies.

  • I'm not going to use dandelion again, (shudder!) I'll stick to herbs like basil and mint.

  • Have to admit that it didn't feel me with much enthusiasm. I have been told that I am borderline diabetic and was referred to a dietician who didn't beat about the bush... He told me to cut right back on the carbs and suggested a handy book. Scary how many carbs are in even a banana. I have to be honest that I wouldn't know where to start with a smoothie. So hope you get some useful suggestions. I have looked at some in the supermarket but they are laden with sugar. Same with so called 'healthy' cereal bars - hubby had one today and it had half my daily suggested number of carbs.

    It is very hard work but it is paying off as I have lost half a stone in the last six weeks. My helpful husband said that the dietician must have really put the fear of something into me when I didn't have any oven chips with sausages for dinner!!

  • Remember you aren't a 🐰🐇🐰what's with the dandelion leaves? Yuck my tum was churning when I read the recipe. I would certainly start off with something more enticing.

    Try something like unsweetened soya or almond milk, fresh fruit and some plain yoghourt to make it more palatable. Many people add some ginger. If you are going up the veggie root carrot gives a good colour and a bit of sweetness to the things like advocado and as you say the baby leaves would be much less bitter, even ordinary lettuce.

    Mass cook lovely vegetable soup as you will be getting alot of nourishment, masses of veg and it will also fill you up.

    Good luck.xxx

  • I've got some supergreens but they taste like moss 😄

  • I have a nutribullet at home, and I know it is cheating a little but Morrisons or Asda (and probably all the others too) in their frozen section provide all the fruit already in bags for smoothies so all I do is blend them with almond milk! Each one does a different thing and has a different taste - they are quite cheap as well as I found buying all the stuff for them was so expensive and they went off quite quickly xxx

  • I have frozen fruit from sainsburys I use sometimes, it's not cheating really.

  • I find the chopping too difficult sometimes xx

  • Hi VonnyM

    This sounds more like a face pack than a drink..



  • Ya know, that sounds like a great idea, wear them instead of drinking them!😉

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