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This evening the sky is darkening thundery clouds are approaching

it is warm very warm no thunder just wonderful nitrogen filled thirst quenching rain.

Am I pleased yes brilliant for the garden it washes the warm dust of all the vegetation and tomorrow every thing will glisten.

The leaves of many flowers will hold cups of water in its leaves for fairies to drink.

I am bonkers but happy my life could have been all sorts of things but here I am with fibro.

I can still laugh smile and look forward to different things that bring me love and laughter. So guys please be happy try and look beyond the pain remember those talking to you suffer just as badly but may be do not say as much.

Wishing you all a pain free weekend xgins

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A lovely blog,made me smile through the sadness,I like the idea of the leaves filled with water for the fairies,I love my garden too,all the beautiful plants growing and the flowers coming into bloom for all the wonderful bees and flutterbies(b/flies!) hope you are feeling better gins love Della xxx


made me smile too.I love my garden too especially when I grow things successfully and to see plants trees etc self seeding.i have a young hazel tree and 2 hawthorns that have self seeded plus loads of aquilegias and hollyhocks foxgloves etc.and then there are the dreaded weeds??!!


Made me smile too I spent a coupe of hours reading in the garden today while my dogs pottered round and after tea sat out with a cuppa and listened to the birds sing :)


made me smile too gins, but then often things you say make me smile, even tho you are suffering so much like all of us, I also l love my garden, its very theraputic, i get lost when im out there, cant do a great deal for too long now but I keep sitting down, whereas about a year ago a job would take half hour it takes me nigh on an hour but i still enjoy it, hope u feeling better gins, gentle hugs to all Dee xx


what a lovely post, thank you! xx


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