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Thought provoking ? Get your thinking caps on !!


A little puzzle to test your detective skills.. A man who lives in a 26 storey apartment block on the top floor. Arises in the morning washes has breakfast and then leaves his apartment enters the lift and travels to the ground floor then departs the building to go to work. On returning he enters the lift and then selects the 8th floor button, exits the lift and walks the remainder of the floors via the fire exit stairs until he reaches his apartment. He carries this out every time he leaves the building why ????

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Exercise ?

Nope guess again !!


Is he the window cleaner? Thanks for sharing this it is fun! :) :)

Heliboy911 in reply to TheAuthor

No sorry old chap Try again and think more on what he is ??

EC is waiting for him on the fire escape to go home so walks the fire escape the rest of the way?

Nope sorry wrong answer !!!

Maybe he has a bit of Fluff, on the 8th floor & decides he needs even more exercise via the fire stairs. Oops hope didn't offend any one lol

Heliboy911 in reply to Blue52

Nice reply but sadly the wrong answer

He's a short guy and can't reach the 26floor button lol

Yep you got it The guy is a midget and can only reach the 8th floor button on the way up. Your prize is in the post A dinner out with Ian Duncan Smith !!

Lol ha ha ha😄😂😂😂😂😂😂

Oh what , I thought it was just a mind game, no real answer. Doh. Ok I will be ready for the next one Heliboy911. Lol

Great answer - I should have got that at only 4ft 6" lol