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Hi , i must just say that all the vitamins that are on my post , I HAVE CHECKED WITH MY GP .AN NONE WILL REACT WITH MEDICATION.

IM ON 47 MEDICATION TABLETS A DAY. I have checked all of them .

A lot of ME & FIBROMYALGIA patients can't tolerate a lot of food , im allergic to so much , it was better for me to have vitamins .not the bog standard multiple vitamin , but different vitamins that help to clear an help the body.I did state please read up on them an yes ask your GP but alot of GP do not look into Different type of Vitamins.

Like Pinapple , thats a Natural Pain Relife , i my dad an i take the vitamin , because you get more in the vitamin then if you buy a pineapple.

Im a Qualified Teacher ,. Of the Human Body .

Good Luck To Everyone.

Hope you all feel better soon.

Love & Huggs

Jacqui xx

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Hi Jaqui

Please do not be offended by our replies to your previous post.

The problem with Fibromyalgia is that we all react very differently to medications, vitamins, etc.

All we were saying is that members should check with their GP's first if they were in any doubt as to vitamin deficiencies.

Lu x



Im not offended , but Thank you for saying that .

I know how hard it is with this condition , im just trying to let people know thst there are other things out there that May Help , if you don't tell people an give them the information , to go an get checked ask about these Vitamins .All i want to do is Help , if it helps one person then im happy , i completely understand , when i was 19 a Hospital Doctor gave me an overdose, i was in intensive care for 2 days , i was lucky , i didn't take all of the drugs as it gave me Tunnel Vision.

Im allergic to so much , iv also got Colitis, so i have to be very careful an my father he's got a Pacemaker , Skin Cancer , Dibeties, Heart Condition, His Kidneys do not work , he has to do CAPD 4 times a day , His Doctor told him that taking all these Vitamins has Saved his life .So with all that information an iv seen the difference in not taking them ,to taking them ,its Amazing.

Also have Reiki Healing if you can't take the Vitamins.

If anyone lives near me , Clacton-on-Sea , i will give you


Im a Master Reiki Healer ,as well as a Teacher ..





Hi , I was going to take magnesium supplements as a lot of people were finding them helpful in different ways some were sleeping with them but I checked with my gp as l remembered that I have had magnesium through I v when in hospital with my breathing as I have asthma , and I was advised not to take them as some of my medications contain it anyway and too much off it isn't good for you so I always check with my gp before I take anything as I'm on so much different medications not all for fibromyalgia,

It's good that they are working for you, I have heard of a few of the ones you listed and that they can be good for various ailments, I am on the green tea and peppermint some times with liquorice as it good for constipated or trapped wind ,

It's interest that they have helped you come of some meds it must cost a lot to keep it up,

All the best


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Hi Hun , they are a bit expensive , but i dont smoke or drink or go on Holidays and im trying to help my kidneys as my dad , brother kidneys stopped working an my mums are only 70% working , so the least amount of Medication i can come off will hopefully help , i have bladder problems as it is , im Asthmatic as well , but iv found what affects me , so thats helped.

Love & Huggs Jacqui xx


My doctor must think like you he did a wide spread blood tests, turned out my vitamin b and d3 was on the floor it was that low, so I'm on repeat prescriptions for high dose one of each per day, to be honest I could just sleep my life away, an I'm not sleeping Beaty in a magical kingdom doh :/ x


Hi jacquijarman

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you for this follow up post it is genuinely appreciated, as are your efforts to help fellow sufferers. I think the real problem has been highlighted really well by Loraine121 who cannot take Magnesium. Of course, anyone with GERD / GORD should not be using Turmeric.

I have pasted from *WebMD just a few examples of how some of those vitamins and supplements can be extremely harmful or even deadly to users if they are on certain medications or have specific medical conditions:

*Under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism): Taking L-carnitine might make symptoms of hypothyroidism worse. Kidney failure: Using DL-carnitine has been reported to cause symptoms such as muscle weakness and eye drooping when administered intravenously (by IV) after dialysis. L-carnitine does not seem have this effect.

Seizures: L-carnitine seems to make seizures more likely in people who have had seizures before. If you have had a seizure, do not use L-carnitine.

Bleeding disorders: Serrapeptase might interfere with blood clotting, so some researchers worry that it might make bleeding disorders worse. If you have a bleeding disorder, check with your healthcare provider before using serrapeptase.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Biotin is POSSIBLY SAFE when used in recommended amounts during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Kidney dialysis: People receiving kidney dialysis may need extra biotin. Check with your health care provider.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)/AIDS: Use zinc cautiously if you have HIV/AIDS. Zinc use has been linked to shorter survival time in people with HIV/AIDs.

The real issue is that many of our members have secondary or even third medical conditions along with their Fibro and take a great deal of medication. Every person is an individual and should check it out with their own doctor prior to taking any supplements at all.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I'm also on 23 med and I use vitamins. No problemsense. Tthe pharmacy is the one who actually turned me to them as my immune system like many others is low. It helps me a lot mostly with energy.


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