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Still no help with GP after going to the hospital!! :-(

I went to the hospital in January and she said she wld write to my GP as i am not getting the proper treatment for my fibro..This is now April and im still none of the wiser,I explained to my GP wat she was asking the to do and he just kept saying "wait till we gt the letter threw" I thot to myself well me telling him and she had wrote it all down for me wld be quicker...Im so fustrated its 8yrs down the line and i feel like screaming at them "PLEASE HELP" !!

Im of to see the GP next wlk as it takes a mth to gt an appointment,not my GP but its a cover...Im running out of pations with them...wat shud i do?...

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I would contact the hospital and tell them that the letter hasn't been received. They should then send a copy or if you can get hold of your sugary fax number give it to them and they should fax it to your GP.

Hope thus help!


hi i wouls do the same as misskittykat says call the hospital and say you are still waiting etc and see what happens if they wont talk to you caall surgery and often the recetionis sre quie helpful the thing is you need to know and normally these days those letters are e mailed to your gp o it is prob sitting on your gp compuyer screen good luck love to you diddle x


Agree with Kittycat and Diddle, Sarah. Ring the hospital today hun.

You really have to wait a month for an appointment with your GP??? That's dreadful. Could you change doctors?

Sue xx


I had the same problem, in the end i had to get in touch with the hospital that the doctor had been on holiday and on the sick and it was still in his in box waiting to be signed!!

It was sorted out six weeks later , if you are under the hospital our gps wont do anything until they hear from them they dont want to step on anyones feet. mental eh!!!!

anne xx


i too would contact the hospital it should not take so long for a letter to arrive .. good luck gentle dyslexic hugs


Agree with all the above, but in addition, I would contact the Consultant secretary directly and ask for a copy of the letter - if you can say you'll collect it. GP's are obliged to offer you an appointment within 48hours I think so report your difficulties to the PCT as they pay for the service on our behalf and that is an appalling service. Some GP's don't get it and I found this article that may be useful to share with the Dr. it on the Fibromyalgia UK website.

Good Luck


Sounds like the letter has got lost in the post, remember though there is no real treatment for FMS, it will be pain killers or anti-depressants !!


Thank you all im gona give them a ring this morning..


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