Ive at last found peace

Ive at last found peace

In the last few months, and thanks to you lot on this site, Ive accepted my illness. Ive still got major problems that wont be overcome, ive just got to learn to deal with them. My marriage is back to what is was. At last Im at peace, dont get me wrong I still have a few wobbly moments, but were as I was fighting to get better, now Im just going to be the best I can. Ive had alot of help through social services, were last year I really just wanted to fade away, now I want to live life to the full. It will be a different life than I evisiged but it is a life

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  • good for you,I hope you can build on these positive attitudes, have a lovely day,you have inspired me today and how good is that! xxx

  • such wonderful news never give up and discuss things with your man dont try to hide them it frightens men and they imagine the worst, petal.

  • my man is my life, together we can rule the world

  • Awww lally, gentle hugs,

    I'm so pleased for you. I'm hoping to get to the place you are at right now. To do that I'm going to start by getting in touch with Social Services for help - A big step for me as I NEVER ask for help - even if it's offered. I though my GP would refer me - but he said it was down to me to contact them for help!?!? Ahhh, well, Am used to having to do everything myself!


    Carol xx

  • Well done lally . Having support is the only way to beat this thing into some kind of submission I think.

    Carol, you can contact social services directly and ask for a referral to an OT , I found their number on my district council's website and they are coming out to assess my son. Once that's done I'm going to ask them to assess me too.



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