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Fear waking up in the morning!

So this happens so much to me..... I toss and turn all night in agony feeling like I've been run over by a truck then When I wake up my head is banging and I fee like I've been beaten black and blue and had really vivid dreams all night too! My muscles or nerves pulsating all over my body and my whole body is stiff and aches ! I dread going to sleep at night most of the time- has anyone tried diazepam to help with this? Or do u have any other suggestions to help sleep and mornings???? Xxxx

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First let me say I'm so very sorry that you have this struggle to try to get some rest at night! It sounds very miserable! For years I took Tranxene/clorazepate to help me sleep and it worked well. There is the possibility of having gaps in your memory after many years of taking it because it's a benzodiazepine. There are other drugs used to help people sleep, such as Elavil/amitriptyline and Seroquel/quetiapine. These drugs appear to have lesser negative side effects than sleeping pills. Since every drug has some kind of side effect, I'll just caution you to ask your Dr. what those side effects are. I hope you get this problem settled and are soon sleeping through the night.


Hi there and I am so so sorry you feel this way ..

All I can say is that I have been through exactly the same . I think is hard to pin point what is the worst feeling . The aches and pains trying to turn over all night, or the sore head in the morning or the dramas that are so horrid you want to wake up to make them stop .....

I was recently given amytriptaline and my venlafaxine reduced... and I must say I am getting a great sleep . And don't want to waken up but when I do waken up my eyes are fixed awake and that's me up for the day ....

Good luck xx


I'm so sorry you are struggling. Nights are dreadful. Well I have had spurts of sleeping well but it has been about a month since that luxury has left. My shoulders have been wretched. I try to move them everyday so they don't freeze up on me.

I wonder if CBD oil has helped anyone with sleep?

I have recently found it in my area. It all has low MG, 15 MG capsules is the moat I have found. I know it is supposed to help with pain, so I might try out anyways.

I know juicing tends to help me some with sleep, but I have had a recent travel that had only just allowed me to start juicing again.

I'm sorry I'm no help to you. But hopefully you can find something to bring you relief.

Good luck × × ×


Hi there

I am so sorry that you are struggling so much.

Lack of restorative sleep is one of the main causes of Fibromyalgia.

It took me a while to get my head around this. Basically it means because we do not go into REM sleep that is the biggest reason that we suffer from Fibromyalgia.

Most people think that lack of sleep is a symptom of Fibro. It is not a symptom it is the cause of it. My Rheumatologist explained all about REM sleep to me, which is what we are lacking.

Have you ever tried Amitryptyline? It can help enormously with sleep and also helps with low mood and pain.

We all suffer with Fibro to varying degrees. For some it is manageable with meds etc whilst for people at the other end of the scale have pain all the time (like me).

Unfortunately what you are explaining is pretty much the nature of the beast that is Fibro.

I too wake in severe pain, after constantly waking up in the night due to pain and getting up and moving can take me quite a while. My pain never goes away and it is very draining and debilitating.

Make an appointment to see your GP and ask them what they recommend.

I am a chronic insomniac and have been for years. My old GP used to prescribe sleeping tablets for me but those days are now long gone.

Have you ever tried any alternative therapies like acupuncture? I know they are expensive though.

I wish there was something concrete that I could say that would help.

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu x



Hi there i have often similar sleep patterns often don't really want to go to bed as feel worse in morning if need to be up.

Poor sleep does me in often starting things off but these days i just sleep/go to bed whenever i feel tired as sometimes i get up for a while then hour or so later brains died like my hard drives not connected to just go to bed as often end up with issues if don't one feeling very cold get like a shock thing and often can't feel warm raynauds is one thing but they are saying a connective tissue thing

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Hi hannah1987b sorry you are suffering at the moment. I'm afraid as BlueMermaid3 has said already, it is pure lack of rem sleep. I also take Amitriptyline, they are not so addictive like diazepam. It helps relax your muscles and aids sleep. It is a drug that is commonly used to help fibromyalgia patients. I can associate with the not wanting to go to sleep, I'm the same. I can't even turn over sometimes because of back & hips.

Amitriptyline also should help with the headaches.

Peace, luv n light

Jan xx

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Hi hannah1987b

I am so genuinely sorry for my late reply. I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies and advice. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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