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nearly morning

hi all ,yes another day with out sleep , im exciting at moment and not living , even went to chemist for something wont give me anything at all ,wrang for appointment for sleep clinic cant get one till may ,

ended up in bed again today dont think i slept the way i feel , my deprssion get worse . dont go to turning point till end of month nether ,

no sign of appointment for ankle splint yet . and look on here about fusion dosent look good ,

my mind is all over the place and cant think straight , cant takr anymore pain killers , so im fed up . ,,,

what else can i do as i feel like im going crazy know , my eyes are going , feeling dizzy .so tired so of to bed for sleep if i can

night night all , at 12.51 am xxx

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Oh dear i know how you feel i have survived on two hours sleep during the early afternoon only now for six months feel terrible hope you get some sleep soon


have you been to your Gps and explained your inability to sleep , even if it caused by the noise from your present flat and the stress of moving shortly and the worry your GP can prescribe meds that are not pain killers to help with sleep I get 7 hours every night .. I know its med induced sleep as if I don't take them I don't sleep but any sleep is better than none and with trial and error I have the perfect combination , it took a while to find out what I could take and what works but the end result is Definately worth it. Everything seems so much more manageable after sleep

Good luck

VG x


Hi Tinkerbell, Have you ever tried a Ten's machine, I have used one of these many time's over the years,Sometimes it helps if it is your back and hips that are hurting .I have used mine so much I have pulled the wires out with sleeping with it on,

it is a strange sensation but if you can tolerate it you may get some ease.(That remind's me Need to buy a new one .)


For short term relief try sominex, its an over the counter tablet for insomnia, but don't take if you are taking any anticonvulsive meds.


Try 2 magnesium tablets at 7pm every night but it takes about a week to work. Also honey is good for sleep as well. Good luck its so hard on the body with no sleep.


hi fibro freinds .had a mental break down again , no sleep again so decided to go to bed this afternoon for rest , dog starteded again , body was shutting down ,ankle playing up again .fibro flair up still got dressed in agony with stick in hand just walked , ended up near docs .went in all upset again my doc wasnt into today but saw the out of hours doc ,trying to explain to him my problem all he could say dont go to sleep in afternoon , and have counciling ,

tyed to tell him whats going on still upset and all i need was some flipping sleep . eventley perscribed amytripline , again didnt work last time so wont now ,

dont no what to do know , world falling apart , everything looking black at the moment ,feels like running away and not coming back ,

will social services help me ,im worried over every thing whats going on , or shall i ring turning point tommrow , feeling low ,depressed , ,just shatterd . plz help for advice , ,

iv even had to start taking ibrufin as well paricetmal for very serva pain ,

hugs to you

tink xx


I hate to disagree with that dr but my consultant told me when sleep goes out the window, throw the clock out after it!

if you need to sleep, sleep.

once you do get your sleep back then try staying up a bit later , but it will work back round to night times.

hugs (( :) ))


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