In the wide awake mode again at silly 0'clock in the morning,6am to be exact..zzzzzzzz,no chance.

One of these days i will go to bed at pm instead of am,i am so so tired but just can't sleep, i know many of fellow fibro sufferers also get very tired but do any of you stay up night after night and hit your bed when you should be getting up? i would love to hear from you or if anyone has any suggestions that may help with this problem i would be glad to read them.One thing i do not like hot drinks of any kind, i only drink water,pepsi max or caffiene free diet coke. Thanks Guys....

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  • yep. ive been awake all night as well. i did drop off about 10. then sis woke me with the phone, silly me forgot to put it on silent. and that was my lot for the night, about 10 mins i think. but i wont be going to sleep yet i have things need sorting before i can go to bed lol oh the joys of fibro

    hope you get some sleep

    woo xx

  • Oh yes the joys of fibro, but at the moment i am still awake as now getting pain from my incisional hernia repair,it's like extreme heartburn in the upper abdomen and through to my back.I was addmitted to Hospital with the same pain 4 weeks ago and stayed in for a week.So for me i can't win.Hope you get some sleep later.

  • i know all about that kind of pain, i have crohns/colitis and ive had 4 major surgeries for it i dont think theres much left in there now lol but i was cut from just below the ribs to the pubic bone each time. its murder that pain, you have my sympathies. are you using the pillow to hug ? i was told holding a pillow and hugging it to me when i moved would help reduce the pain as your holding the muscles that have been cut. does help. i used one for going loo, coughing, moving, in fact i think i hugged that pillow 24/7 for a couple of months lol i hope the pain eases and you get some sleep

    hugs xx

  • I have had Crohns since 1985 they discovered it when i went in for a hiatus hernia repair so took away the infected part of the bowel,i still have flare ups,last year i had open surgery to remove gallstones and gallbladder a week later i was back in theatre for a strangulated hernia and small bowel resection,i them developed a massive hernia so op number 3 for hernia repair using surgical mesh then on the back of that i ended up with a seroma so 1 month later op number 4 and another stay in hospital,now i have IBS and Fibro so i have now come to the conclusion that pain and me go together and has done since i was 22 i'm now 59.Oh yes i use my V pillow and had 2 hours sleep.Hugs back to you have a good day...xx

  • I am on amitriptylene for Fibro. That knocks me out and I get a really great sleep most nights. Before taking it I was like you xx 🐸

  • I was on them for 9 years but was changed in favour of Gabapentin by my Dr now after a year and a half of being on them [ their not helping] my Dr told me to gradually reduce them,i give up but pleased that they are helping you.Oh here comes the burning feet again it's so annoying..

  • Ooooh. Burny feet. Not good X 🐸

  • Have you tried Amitriptyline? I use to be up half the night, getting to bed around 5am and having to get up for work the next day. It was extremely debilitating, my Aunt told me about Amitriptyline and I asked my GP. I came off Duloxetine and swapped to Amitriptyline and have been sleeping much better now. I can't claim I am not still tired during the day but if I take my tablet (25mg) around 7pm got to bed between 10-11pm I can just about get up the next morning around 7.45 :)

    I am on a very low dose but I know there are others on a much higher dose. Again what works for one may not necessarily work for another but it may be worth a chat to your GP about :)

  • I was on them for 9 years starting with the lowest dose then the highest,i suffered from mental health problems last year and was not in a good place it was the Dr who stopped the Amitriptyline suggesting Gabapentin in place of them but they don't do anything for me either although i was on 300mg x3x3times a day. I started reducing them as per my Dr's instructions 5 days ago no point taking something that doesn't help, but thank you for your reply and hope you have a good day...

  • I am sorry that they were of no use to you. Goes to show that what suits one may not suit another. I really do hope that you can find something that works for you!

    I hope that your mental health issues are being resolved and that you have a good day too :)

  • Your right there,my mental health issues was 3 month of hell but i had a lot of support so all good at the moment thank you..wish i could say the same about my feet their on fire as i'm writing this burning and pins and needles,wow! wow! wow!

  • I've been getting that a lot recently to, makes walking so much more fun, people who don't suffer from aches, pains, burning sensations and jabbing pains are missing soooo much :P :D

    A good network of support is always good and something you will find here too :)

  • Sometimes I feel I sleep more during the day than at night. I'm becoming nocturnal 😂

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I sincerely hope that you manage a wonderful sleep tonight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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