Waking up with back pain

Hi all hope your ok as hopefully we enter into spring and warmer days

My question to you all is I've recently been told I have sciatica it's sooooo painful 😡😤😩😫😖 I've always had chronic back pain but it's got worse over the years and since fibro was diagnosed.

I'd like some help and advice from anyone who suffers from sciatica or morning back pain I'm going to get a new mattress this week mines too soft I don't sleep well than wake up with great pain in my back.

Thank you if you can help

Max 🤗

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  • Hi..I have Osteoarthritis in my lower spine..and my recent flare causing major issues with my legs..gentle exercise in warm water and Epsom salt baths may help you...watch the firmness of mattress as mine is too firm causing more rls. ..gently stretch before you get out of bed..helps me. Good luck! 😊

  • Sorry ur in

    So much pain hope you feel better soon Xxx

  • Have you seen those mattresses that give you your money back after 100 days if they do not give you a good night's sleep?

    There are several firms that do it, for traditional mattresses as well as memory foam.

    If you google 100 day mattress trial you will see the companies doing it.


  • Hi Max. I have had a half dozen bouts of excutiating sciatica in the 13 years since my son was born. Well before I had fibro. I would never have thought have going to the doctor about it. I have tried many forms of alternative and complementary medicine,spent a fortune over the years. Perhaps physio gives the best result,unlocks me until I can bend again. Last October it started again,right down my foot and in between my toes,I waited three weeks,doing nothing. My son and hubby had to save me several times when I could raise my leg nor could I put it down,screaming in the morning. Off to physio..."can you raise your leg" OWW "can you point your foot" NOOO "can you sit down" no not really,tears and blubbering ensue. He said he couldn't treat me until my pain was under control and phoned my Gp. Bit of a horrible journey in between but am going to have some epidural cortisone injections in two weeks. In fact just been phoned as auto have a pre assessment as I will be treated as a day patient. Hubby not allowed to stay.

    Ask me anything. Mattresses the Bain of a fibromyalgia sufferers life. X stay well I haven't helped much but I can RAELLY empathise xx

  • Thank you you've helped a lot it's so hard my beds quite ok I've changed with my son but want a orthopidic one

  • Hey max be careful about buying a mattress especially when in pain. Too firm leaves me in agony the next morning (worse than too soft) for me. Have been through 5 different mattresses in seven years and still not found the perfect mattress. Or is the mattress perfect and I really never will wake up feeling good because morning pain is the name of the game (not a game ) but an unquestionable symptom of fibro. Tufted coil springs and memory foam top at the moment. 60 days free return as long as we kept covered with their protector. Seemed like a pretty comfy one this time.65 days gone and I would have sent it back. Ho hum hey but I think medium or medium firm is better and try a latex top as it doesn't make you hot like memory foam can. Also make sure it is double stitched at the edges that way it is supportive when you sit on the edge to get in or out x good luck

  • Thank you so much for your support and advice

  • Thank you so much I used to have a othopidic one years ago as I've had back pain for over 20 yrs I may try another one not sure yet ive had a few medium ones that have made it worse😫

  • Hi Max23

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I also have excruciating Sciatica at times. I have a memory foam mattress which I find does help ease it for me. I also have a TENS Machine and I find this very useful. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you ken

    So much

  • Good luck my friend.

  • Thank you ken 🙂That's kind of you to share that with me I love this site


  • I found hydrotherapy the most helpful for my sciatica. Ask your Doctor to send you to see a Physio who can recommend this type of therapy.

  • Hi joyia I've been before it made it worse for me 😳But thank you I do go to the steam and sauna at my local leisure centre when I can and swim also

  • Sorry to hear that, I do think gentle exercise helps as sitting too much seems to aggravate it. Have you looked in You Tube for ideas? Agree Epsom Salts are a boon, I sent off for organic Epsom salts from EBay, much cheaper than local chemist and a huge tub arrived much to my surprise, cost me about £16.00. I just fill a tin up and keep that in my bathroom and the tub in my shed wrapped up.

  • Thank you Hun I'll get mine from Amazon to I was wondering have you tried the ball around for the exercise one I want if that helps

  • I want to hydrotherapy it bought on a flareup that night I was in agony I didn't hear back I don't my physio even one of the top physiotherapist I want to agreed that it's not helping me

  • Thank you I love Epsom salts they work

    Very well I will buy some more thanks for reminding me xx

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