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Fed up

Hi, I am not very good at this so please bear with me, I have been having loads of problems for a long while now, such as memory loss (mainly forgeting what I have said or what I am about to say), tiredness nearly all the time, I go to bed and still get up feeling tired, I know I should have more sleep I sleep about 3/4 hrs at night if Im lucky. Really really bad nerve ending pain more or less all over my body,one minute I want to cry, shout, scream then the next laughing. I used to like to go for a pint but now I dont have the engery or just cant be bothered. I take loads of meds one of them is Gabapentin of which I am on 600mg 3 times aday and sometimes they work with the pain sometimes not. I have tried to talk to one of our practice docs but he doesnt seem interested what can I do. I am so so sorry for moaning but I am just fed up of it all. Sorry once again Julia x

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Hi Julia, I am so sorry you are having such problems with adjusting to Fibro. It is quite sole destroying , isn't it when onewu loose your words, your tain of thought jumps about. I start of on one think then spend ages working out what I was doing- a bit of a leaky boat, could do with an overhaul and new riging..

I think one of the best helps is knowing there are others in the same boat. I hope you get my drift. One of the most useful things is startibg to learn how to pace your self. Stop beating your self up when it doesn't work out right and if your words come out wrong just smile and shrug your shoulders.

Have a look at our Mother site that is lots excellent up to date information that could be very useful !

I am just a fellow sufferer not a medic in any way so do see a rheumatologist if you can they will check everything over.

Try not to worry it is one of our worst enemies!

Best wishes



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I would suggest you keep a diary of the pain and how it affects you, including the things it prevents you from doing. After a week go back to the GP and if you don't have any success ask for another opinion. I would also ask for a referral to a pain management clinic as that can help and they often have staff that can review your meds. Good luck, Linda.


I can only add that before I came across this forum I was at a very low ebb, keep looking in on us, great advice given always someone around. Do seek a second opinion, it is your health and you have a right to be taken seriously. I hope you feel as well as possible very soon. Lou x

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I dont think that i can add much more. except to add that if you need to ask more questions or need to talk about any thing at all, there will be some one here to listen and do their best to help.

Hugs sue

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Hi darceynjo

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your pain issues. it may be worth discussing your medications with your GP or Medical Specialist as there are many different drugs that you could discuss with your doctor?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon.

Good luck


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Thankyou for all your kind words, I havent been told I have Fibro, I have all the symptoms but as I said when I try to talk to my GP about could it be Fibro he doesnt want to listen . What more can I do? He wants me to see a specialist about my stomach, which is painful and bloated but that is all Julia xx


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