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Fed up

Last night was really bad, felt so tired and decided to go to bed about 8:30ish, thought I needed to lie down and stretch my body, but legs got that horrible heavy leg feeling and pain in my knees and legs, felt itchy all over and could not get comfortable, aching all over every time I move and try and turn over and just felt like someone was sitting on my shoulders and weighing me down, do other people get these symptoms? Only been diagnosed a short while but had these symptoms a long time but Dr did not seem to know until the last time I went even tho I told him everytime how my body felt, only prescribed ibrupofen and paracetamol, but really need something to help me with pain and sleep as just seems to get worse and something else turns up, so fed up now not knowing why and how I got to this stage!!

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This may sound silly,, but ask your doctor if is it ok to take soluable asprin.

You have just described how i woke up at 4AM .Asprin a glass of milk and an hour crocheting and i went to sleep as soon as i got back into bed.

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ok, Thanks mayrose54


I suffer the same symptoms. If I cant fall asleep withing 10 mins of going to bed my legs become very painful and restless. Helps moving my legs to a cold spot. I now always take 50 mg -75 mg of Amitriptyline a few hours before I want to sleep. Before I go to bed i take 2 Tramadol and use Voltarol on my legs.

The Amitriptyline will make you drowsy during the day but after a few weeks you become used to it.

Fibro is worse when you have poor sleep.

Talk to your Doctor and see if he can advise you on better pain relief.

After 11 years I no longer try to fight the condition. Just accept it and live with it. Non of us believe we deserve this condition its just life.

For the first 8 years I tried everything to find a cure and spent a fortune.

Good luck


I think if you can accept it as you say you feel better.

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Thanks for the info, sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself lol but some days are worse than others and today I feel I can cope!!!


I get exactly the same symptoms. Amitriptyline has really helped me with sleep issues and to some extent, pain relief x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I sincerely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Hun I get exactly the same symptoms for the itching the Dr prescribed me oilateum oil to go in bath and cream for after it calms it down quite a it.

Sending you hugs Hun


how long have you been taking ibuprofen sometimes this can cause itching all over like you describe. heat can also cause intense itching which a cool room or bed can wishes


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